Brawlhalla Update 3.55 Introduces New Map And Items

Latest update is here.
Latest update is here. Ubisoft

Brawlhalla released Update 3.55, which introduces a new map along with new items. There's also going to be some changes in the base Cannon kit. The update also makes a balance pass along with some game improvements.

New Map

Let's start with the new map, which is available to the Free-for-All queue. During tests this was known as Circus, but it's now called Big Miami Dome. Features of the map include:

  • Three soft platforms with one moving.
  • A FFA design to bring the Miami Dome map into more queues.
  • Same entrancing Miami Dome music and art.

New Items

There's also new items coming to Brawlhalla. New Store items include:

  • Black Diamond Mordex – “Climb your way to the top!”
  • Arctic Fox Yumiko – “How about we break the ice? Bonus: Aurora emotes with Yumiko’s actions!”
  • Shadowboxing Taunt – “Visualize the win.”

New items are not the only thing to get excited about, as Volkov has been discounted and is now priced at 5400 Gold.

Brawl of The Week

For this week, it all about KO Mania. Get to fight against your opponents and go through 5 Stocks with damage increased up to 300%. The first to five KOs wins.

New Test Features

Brawlhalla updated several attacks in the base move set of Cannon. The goal of this change is for the move set to be more intuitive while making it feel more explosive. It also helps maintain the kit's current flow. Here are the changes:

  • Neutral Light
    • Neutral Light’s first hit is now a standing cannon blast that has slightly increased priority and time to hit.
  • Side Light
    • Side Light is now an arcing cannon swing that favors horizontal threat at the beginning of the attack and vertical threat at the end.
  • Down Air
    • Down Air is now a downward cannon blast that rebounds forward when performed close to the ground.

Game Balance

Update 3.55 makes some adjustment to current weapon kits that are targeted at enhancing key attacks. Some signatures also received improvements in order to make them better fit their role. This new update also see Volkov getting his first set of balance adjustments. Changes to Volkov include:

  • Side Axe
    • Increased Damage of the uncharged version to 19 from 18.
    • Increased Force of the uncharged version from 55 Fixed/56 Variable to 65 Fixed/56 Variable.
    • The knockback angle of the uncharged version is now more horizontal.
  • Neutral Scythe
    • Increased Recover time from 2 to 6.
    • Decreased total Damage from 27 to 24.
  • Down Scythe
    • Increased Force of the normal version from 66 Fixed/51 Variable to 68 Fixed/53 Variable.
    • Increased Force of the wall version from 60 Fixed/50 Variable to 65 Fixed/50 Variable.

You can view all changes with Update 3.55 here.

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