Prepare To Battle As Brawlhalla Brings Back Heatwave Event

Heatwave Event returns to Brawlhalla.
Heatwave Event returns to Brawlhalla. Ubisoft

Brawlhalla announced that its annual Heatwave is making a return this summer. The event officially started July 16 and lasts until August 7. In the event, players get the chance to obtain both brand-new and returning skins.

This year players get the chance to earn:

  • Heatwave colors for all Legends, available for 1,500 Gold or 10 Mammoth coins each
  • 2019 Heatwave podium, available for 240 Mammoth coins
  • Endless Heatwave animated avatar, available for 60 Mammoth coins
  • Ice Kor-eam avatar, available for 6,000 Gold
  • Legend skins, available for 140 Mammoth coins each (each Legend skin comes with two weapon skins):
    • New for 2019: Brawl Dad Isaiah skin
      • Comes with animated Grilled Smoker Cannon – steaks included
    • New for 2019: Thor by the Shore skin
    • Wipeout Nix skin
    • Dog Days Mordex skin
    • Atlantean Orion skin
    • Water Wars Cross skin
    • Pool Party Diana skin
  • Hot Lava KO effect available for 240 Mammoth coins

Aside from the event, there is also going to be a seasonal championship tournament titled Brawlhalla’s Summer Championship. This competition is going to be live on July 27 and July 28.

Additionally, these items are going to be available in Malhalla until August 7:

  • The Beach Bash Gauntlets skin, available for 60 Mammoth Coins
  • Summer Shard 2019 animated avatar, available for 60 Mammoth Coins

Developed by Blue Mammoth Games, Brawhalla is a free-to-play fighting game in the vein of Super Smash Bros. As such, the goal of the game is for players to knock their opponents off the stage. Brawlhalla supports both local and online play with players being able to compete and climb through the rankings. It’s not all 1-on-1 fights, as Brawlhalla offers other casual modes that include:

  • Free-For-All
    • A chaotic mode where four players knock each other out to gain points
  • 1v1 Strikeout
    • A mode where players pick three characters which they play with one stock each
  • Experimental 1v1
    • Allows players to test out upcoming features against each other.

Players can also create and host custom games that can support up to eight players per game.

One great feature of Brawlhalla is the simple controls along with one-button special moves. Controls include movement keys as well as buttons for attacking. The buttons also allow players to perform special moves, pick up weapons, throw weapons, and dodge. As a result, even new players can pick up the game quickly.

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