Black Desert's Class Reboot Update Now Live

A big change.
A big change. Pearly Abyss

A new update has been released for Black Desert which officially signals the start of the 2021 Winter Season. But that's not the biggest change that arrived. The update just delivered the Class Reboot, a major overhaul of all classes. It looks like players won't have much of a choice since the skills of classes will be reset.

All classes, including specific ones, are affected by the overhaul. An example of change is the passive skill Unyielding Might, now obtainable by every class upon reaching Level 62. This skill increases the damage of special attacks by 1%.

Another significant change is on speed-related attributes. There's now an upper or lower limit for increases and decreases in Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Casting Speed. Basically, the speeds can be increased up to 150% and reduced by a maximum of 50%. For example, when an effect lowers the Movement Speed of the character by 80%, it's instead reduced by only 50%.

Newly adjusted are the Resistance of up to +80% and Ignore Max Resistance in PvP. Other changes include:

  • Made changes to the grab skills for all classes:
    • Super Armor on Grapple for all classes.
    • Decreased lateral attack range.
  • ​Changed for all classes to have "No Guard Gauge recovery" and display a guard break motion in s-block or Guard skills.
    • Changed to not apply Forward Guard when moving backward while your Guard Gauge is at 0.
    • Changed to not apply Forward Guard during the guard break motion.
  • Changed the rules for the AP applied to summons.
    • Removed all summons' AP and changed to now apply the summoner's AP and extra AP to them instead.
    • Therefore, the damage of the summons' attack skills was adjusted.
  • Changed to apply the exact Critical Hit Rate of the summoner's to the summons.
    • ​Reduced the CC points of Knockback skills from 1.0 points to 0.7 points.

For specific classes, the changes are mainly improvements for the appearance, such as new face types and hairstyles. This should enhance the customization experience.

There are also a lot of changes related to different character skills. Warriors now have a skill called Jump Slash, which increases the movement distance. For the Witch, Lightning Arrows now have increased attack range and faster activation times of extra hits.

Read all the changes here.

Black Desert is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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