Black Desert Mobile: November 30 Update Brings Improvements to Blademaster

Black Desert Mobile November 30 Update
Black Desert Mobile November 30 Update Pearl Abyss

Do you love playing the Blademaster Class in Black Desert Mobile? If so, you need to download the latest update now as developers added improvements to the Blademaster’s abilities.

There are some new features as well, including the ability to zoom the camera out even further and the target lock function, among many others.

Blademaster Improvements

The developers said that while the Blademaster is quite potent in killing anyone he comes across, he lacks the mobility that would make him even deadlier. That is why they added improvements to make this class more powerful.

For his Quick Draw, an additional attack was added and you can do this by holding down the skill button (consumes 50 MP).

The Retaliation ability now has a cooldown reduction effect and an extra attack:

  • Flow: Additional Attack deals half of the damage of Retaliation, and it can knock enemies down on hit.

His Resonant Blade now reduces the damage received from other Adventurers by 15% for 10 seconds. This happens every time you get hit or when you are affected by movement speed reduction. In addition, when you use Rest in Peace, Squall, or Rising Storm twice, the damage you receive from other Adventurers is reduced by 10% for 10 seconds.

New Features

Have you been asking the devs for a way to zoom the camera out more? Well, that is now possible in this update. You can now see more elements on the screen than before.

Another notable feature added is the Target Lock function. By default, you can target and attack a specific monster or Adventurer. However, you can also prioritize targeting Adventurers first. You can change it in the settings.

A new zone found in East Valencia, the Lunar Dunes, is now available. The recommended CP for this place is 27,000. Those who want to know how Valencia’s Fifth Tale will unfold must complete the “Darkness over the Lunar Dunes.”

Black Desert Mobile Lunar Dunes
Black Desert Mobile Lunar Dunes Pearl Abyss


  • Guild quest
    • Improvements have been made so that the related screen is displayed when tapping the widget for a specific quest to complete some of the guild quests
  • World Boss
    • Added a quest description regarding defeating a World Boss
    • Frame dropping has been decreased when World Boss Karanda and Alyaelli's Rift Karanda are played on low-end devices
    • Fixed an issue where the "Start Battle" button on the World Boss Status Board did not work while on a horse
  • Craft
    • Refinery > Craft Black Stones has been improved so that it can be easily recognized as a Camp Worker Craft
    • Improvements have been made so that you can see what items can be crafted in the Alchemy Lab in advance, even if the level of the workshop is low
    • Gear that cannot be disassembled or extracted at the Extractor is now displayed in red, and now production will not appear even if disassemble and extraction are attempted
  • HP Potion/Repair Kit
    • It has been fixed so that Settings > Convenience > HP Potions/Repair Kit Auto-Use > Order > Low Order is set as default

You can learn more about Black Desert Mobile ’s latest update on the game’s official website.

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