What Else is Coming in Black Desert for the Rest of 2021

See what's happening this year.
See what's happening this year. Pearl Abyss

Black Desert unveiled its 2021 Roadmap which gives us a look into new content arriving this year. A lot is coming from July to October.

Before we look into the details of the roadmap, let’s take a quick detour and learn more about the first co-op dungeon coming to the game. The dungeon is known as Atoraxxion and is divided into four parts. The first is Vahmalkea coming on July 21. The second is Sycrakea coming to the Global Lab test server on July 29. The remaining two parts are Yolunakea and Orzekea, set to be released later this year.

Roadmap Details

Here is the list of new content coming to the game:

  • July
    • Adventurers can move into their new Mansions and then decorate them with exclusive furniture on July 15.
  • ​August
    • Yarr
      • This new mini-game arrives on August 12.
      • The game is based on the rules of poker as well as the classic dice game Yacht.
      • Adventurers fight against opponents by using Knowledge cards they possess.
    • Terror of the Deep Sea
      • This new extreme monster zone launches on August 26.
      • It challenges Adventurers by limiting their field of view.
  • ​September
    • Get to try out the new dream horse known as Mythical Diné and use its Sea Sprint skill to ride across the water.
    • It’s available beginning September 2.
  • October
    • The Elvia Realm Calpheon & Black Star Raid arriving on October 14.
    • Be ready to see some classic characters be reworked and get special abilities unique to them.
    • 2 new Red Battlefield maps to be released.
    • Storytelling and tutorials to be improved.

New Content for Mobile

Additional content is expected to arrive later this year in Black Desert Mobile. Five new classes are planned with four of them female classes, which offer unique combat styles. Check out their descriptions below:

  • Corsair
    • This fearsome and shapeshifting pirate commands the battlefield like a captain on the high seas.
  • Lahn
    • She moves across the lands with elegant movements as if dancing.
    • She glides through the air for a certain period.
    • Her Crescent Pendulum and Noble Sword let her fend off foes with poise.
  • Mystic
    • This is a swift and graceful fighter that makes use of a Cestus.
    • Cestus are ancient battle gloves that protect her fists as she crosses, jabs, and uppercuts opponents.
  • Solaris
    • She can swing her enormous spear Jordun in combat if it was as light as a feather.

Further new content to the game include:

  • The new multi-channel boss Muraka the King of Ogres
    • Adventurers on all channels of the field where Muraka appears fight it together.
    • Those who participated in the battle earn rewards according to the damage they dealt to Muraka.
  • The Great Ocean expansion.
    • Adventurers can build ships to enjoy the open seas.
  • Lots of features to enjoy like:
    • Sea Fishing
    • Treasure Recovery
    • Wanted List
    • Outlaw Waters
    • Ghost Ship
    • New Night Island
    • Padix Pirate Island
    • Great Ocean World Boss Khan
    • Statue of the Goddess Sylvia
  • Explore new regions.
    • South and East Valencia are going to be updated with new monsters, stories, and features.

Which news are you excited about?

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