Pearl Abyss Takes Control of Black Desert Online

Time for change.
Time for change. Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Online players in North America and Europe are about to enter a new era. It’s not about the change but how the change is set. This is because developer Pearl Abyss is taking over the publishing rights for the regions mentioned.

This means Pearl Abyss now manages the entire franchise for all platforms, including next-gen consoles, in North America and Europe. Here's the primary impact: if players want to continue their adventures in the game, they need to transfer their accounts. You can check out the video below on how to do that:

Why the need to transfer? This is due to Pearl Abyss assuming the live service from Kakao Games starting on February 25. Players can do the transfer here.

Rewards Galore

Now Pearl Abyss is giving players an added motivation to transfer. For the period January 27 to February 24, players who successfully pre-registered get AP +1/DP + 1 buffs applied to Families. Plus, players who log in to the game with a Family and successfully pre-registered get different rewards per day. Day 1 reward, for example, is 500 Cron Stones while a Shakatu's Luxury Box reward for Day 14. View all the rewards here.

Then, there are the rewards given out during the transfer day itself, which include:

  • Limited Pet
    • [Tier 4] Young Pomi
  • Special Title for the Pre-transfer
    • Now or Nouver
  • New Adventure
    • Weapon Exchange Coupon x3
  • Enhancement Aid
    • Cron Stone x1,000

Special Events

For those who are unsure whether to transfer now or later, not to worry since there are some events. From January 27 to February 9, there’s the Mount EXP Boost. During this period, these boosts are applied:

  • Mount Skill EXP +50%
  • Training EXP +50%
Enjoy some buffs.
Enjoy some buffs. Pearl Abyss

In the same period as above, there are also Special Drops offered. When defeating monsters, among others, these three items can be obtained:

  • Useless Firewood x1
  • Cask Full of Oil x1
  • Broken Brazier x1

Combining all these allows players to craft the Warm Cozy Fire. For those who don’t want to craft that item, the three parts can be sold for 200,00 Silver at any NPC shops. Then again, opening Warm Cozy Fire gives out a random reward. The complete list you can view here.

So what do you think of Pearl Abyss taking charge of the game?

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