Neverwinter Next Major Module to Welcome the Bard

Time to face the music.
Time to face the music. Perfect World

The multi-skilled Bard class is all set to be added to Neverwinter. This is going to be the latest class introduced to the game since the Paladin back in 2016. Players can expect this new class when the next major module drops later this year on PC and consoles.

The Bard is a hero that can weave magic into its weapons like swords. Bards can also use music to inspire allies, heal wounds, and manipulate minds, of course, dress to impress.

Two Paragon Paths

Bards have two Paragon Paths, which means no two Bards are exactly alike. This class is also expected to have one of the largest selection of playstyles and spells in the game.

The first Paragon Paths is Songblades. These are the swashbucklers that are both charming and deadly. They can finish off enemies in style through swordplay, magic, and of course, music. This path is an excellent option for those who want to be damage dealers and prefer to fight in close and mid-range. Songblades can use spells and supporting songs to improve their natural combat ability.

The second is Minstrels that use their instruments to support allies far at a distance. While they specialize in support, Minstrels can also deliver psychic attack spells and illusions.

More details of this new class are to be revealed at a later date.

Sharandar’s Final Episode

The final episode of Neverwinter: Sharandar will arrive on PC on June 8, while June 6 on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Episode 3 titled "The Odious Court" has players journey to the Dark Fey Mire to learn why the swamp got tainted with mysterious dark magic. With the presence of aggressive Dryads and frog-like Grungs, it’s going to be a challenge to bring back safety to the region. Making things more difficult is the need to discover what part the Odious Court plays in all of this.

Besides the new story, Episode 3 will bring a lot of new things to the game like new bounties, new heroic encounters, and new rewards.

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