Neverwinter Sharandar Episode 2 Now Available on Consoles

Console players rejoice!
Console players rejoice! Perfect World Entertainment

It looks like the wait is over for Neverwinter console players as the second module for Sharandar is now available. That’s right, Episode 2: The Soul Keeper has been released on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which was supposed to be launched later this week.

This same content was first released for the PC sometime in April. The Soul Keeper brings the second phase of the mystical land of Sharandar. In this one, players have to travel to the Mended Grove to know more about why the dead are haunting the lands. To bring order to chaos, everyone needs to come together and help the elves defeat the Night Hag, Mathilda Soulstealer.

Episode 2 Features

Here are the features of Episode 2:

  • The Mended Grove
    • Get to explore this new area where undead servants, summoned by the Night Hag, haunt the living.
  • ​Night Hag Lair
    • The Night Hag has managed to have her own lair in the ancient Illefarn crypt. It is here where she keeps the stolen souls.
    • Be careful of the undead guardians.
  • The Soul Keeper Campaign
    • Get to earn new rewards like new companion armor sets, new rings, and brand-new powers.
  • New Heroic Encounters
    • The new Mended Grove offers players four challenging Heroic Encounters - one Major Heroic Encounter and three Minor Heroic Encounters.
    • Completing an encounter rewards players with Seals of the Wild that can be traded for Crone’s gear.
  • New Bounties
    • As the threat of the hag increases, more foul champions arrive.
    • The Iliyanbruen elves reward adventurers brave enough to take down these threats.

The Final Episode

With Episode 2 now available on all platforms, it won’t be long before Episode 3: The Odious Court arrives. Here, adventurers are taken to the Dark Fey Mire to investigate the Green Hag as well as what role the Odious Court plays. Similar to the previous episodes, players can expect new content and features. There are also new threats to defeat and new rewards to earn.

Episode 3 arrives on PC sometime in early June with the console versions coming at a later date.

Neverwinter is a free-to-play MMORPG where players experience fast-paced combat and explore epic dungeons.

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