A3: Still Alive Has Launched New Servers in Asia and North America

Expect more players.
Expect more players. Netmarble

Good news for players of A3: Still Alive. Two new servers have been opened, which means more players coming in. One of the servers is for Asia, while the other is for North America/Latin America.

To celebrate the opening of these new servers, new in-game events have been launched where players have the chance to win rewards and Inetrium discounts. The in-game events end July 14, and these are:

  • Hot-Time for New Server Users
    • Players can get up to a 1,000% rate increase in gaining EXP (Rapid Level up) and up to a 30% rate increase in the Inetrion Dungeon (Rapid Ore obtaining).
  • Guild Combat Power 1st Rank Event
    • The first ranked guild in Combat Power played within the two new servers, guild leaders from both servers receive 6,000 Klay rewards.
  • Klay Giveaway - Top 4 Combat Power Users
    • The top 4 Combat Power players from each new server (total of 8) receive 1,000 Klay rewards.

In addition to in-game events, players also get a 70% discount when buying the Premium Inetrion Express, and the Veteran Level-Up Package is given upon. This package allows new users to begin their journey at Level 200.

Other Events

There are also other events that players can enjoy, which are:

  • Roanmont Eve - First Purchase Reward
    • Duration: June 16 to July 14
    • During the event period, players can claim rewards after making any purchase for the first time, regardless of the amount.
    • After the first purchase, players can obtain the reward for Day 1 and additional rewards for the next two days for a total of 3 days.
    • View the rewards here.
  • Lucky Dice Season 1
    • Duration: June 16 to July 14
    • Roll the dice on the block board during the event period and obtain various rewards.
    • Dice can be obtained in three ways:
      • One for Free Per Day
      • “Today’s Activity” Reward
      • Purchase at the Inetrion Shop
    • View the rewards here.
  • INETRIUM Letter Exchange Events
    • Duration: June 16 to July 14
    • Defeat certain Field Bosses and clear "Today's Activity" to get the INETRIUM Letter Boxes during the event period.
    • Letters obtained by using the INETRIUM Letter Boxes can be exchanged for rewards in the Exchange Events.
    • When the 1 billion Inetrion Ores among all Regions are exchanged in the exchange shop, the INETRIUM Letter Exchange Event ends immediately regardless of the event period.
    • View complete details of the event here.

A3: Still Alive is available as a free digital download, with in-app purchases, on the App Store and Google Play. There’s also an ongoing Open Beta for PC through the official A3: Still Alive website.

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