A3: Still Alive Inetrium Refinery Now Live

A new way to play the game.
A new way to play the game. Facebook/@A3SAEN

The new INETRIUM Refinery in A3: Still Alive is now available to all players. This is where they can convert any Inetrion Ore they have to INETRIUM. It’s also where players can store INETRIUM in their Marblex Wallet.

While new updates are being planned, players can now enjoy the INETRIUM by not only exchanging in-game goods but also outside the game.

Special Promotion

This new feature arrives courtesy of the latest update. In celebration, developer Netmarble has launched an event with KLAYTN. A total of 33 players are going to be selected and awarded 777 of KLAY through the in-game event of the Inetrion Ore Shop.

For those not selected, not to worry. That’s because there are newly opened servers that hand out different in-game rewards to those who reach level 190 and level 200. In addition, those able to link MARBLEX Wallets to their accounts get a Red Diamond and 1,000 of Blue Diamond. These same players also get the chance to be one of 50 winners to win 5 KLAY.

Check out the in-game events here.

Other Details

The other new content that arrived with this new update are:

  • Weekly Server Activities
    • Each Saturday, players can directly obtain Inetrion Ore by conquering the Skad Sky Isle and Floating Island territories in the game’s Conquest mode.
    • Guilds that win the mode gain the privilege to get a portion of the total Inetrion Ore from the server as a tax.
  • Inetrion Dungeon
    • By using Radienne’s Protection, players can collect Inetrion Ore in the new dungeon.
    • Three tiers offer differing rates for obtaining Inetrion Ore:
      • Tier 3 – Level 190 or above players can enter, without PvP enabled.
      • Tier 2 – Level 200 or above players can enter, with PvP enabled.
      • Tier 1 – Only players who conquered Skad Sky Isle and Floating Island via the Conquest mode can enter.

A3: Still Alive is a mobile game set in an apocalyptic world of swords and sorcery. The game offers the experience of an open-world RPG combined with battle royale combat. It’s available on Android and iOS.

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