A3: Still Alive Launching a Bunch of Events This Month

Enjoy new events.
Enjoy new events. Netmarble

A3: Still Alive is launching three events this June, which are pretty much Inetrion Ore Giveaway Events. This is in celebration of the highly successful Buyback and Burn event, where 500,000 ITUs were collected in a span of two days. This new set of events are being launched to help keep ITU overall value high.

Speaking of ITU, the ITU refinement fee has been decreased to 10% of the ITU's transaction. This should allow for a satisfactory in-game user experience.

The new events are:

  • Coliseum Extract Event
    • Starts June 3
    • Players (Lv. 190 and above) who achieve 3 wins evenly share a group reward of 200 million Inetrion Ores in total.
  • Inetrion Hot-Time Event
    • Starts June 4
    • During this event players get a higher drop rate on Inetrion Ore in the Inetrion Dungeon.
  • Wish Altar Extract Event
    • Starts June 11
    • The top 1,000 players, who spend over 200,000 Inetrion Ores during the event period, evenly share a group reward totaling 200 million Inetrion Ores.

Starting June 7, players can also join the A3 Tip King Event for a chance to grab some huge rewards. To participate, players simply need to post A3 game tips, strategies, or DEX-related content (Exchange event, ITU airdrop, ITU, MBX, DEX, etc.). Players then need to post the URL link of their content to the official Discord channel for A3: Still Alive. The community then decides which entry is the most popular through the Vote Channel.

Inetrion Ore Consumption Event

Those who can't wait for the new events to start can join in the Inetrion Ore Consumption Event from June 1 to June 6. Players can get different bewards based on how much Inetrion Ore they spend during the event period. These are:

  • Inetrion Ore Spent: 100,000
    • Reward: Gold x1,000,000
  • Inetrion Ore Spent: 300,000
    • Reward: Superior Enhancement Blessing Scroll x10
  • Inetrion Ore Spent: 500,000
    • Reward: Rare Flame of Reason x20
  • Inetrion Ore Spent: 700,000
    • Reward: Topaz x2,000
  • Inetrion Ore Spent: 1,000,000
    • Reward: Blue Diamond x1,000

A3: Still Alive is available as a free digital download, with in-app purchases, on the App Store and Google Play. There’s also an ongoing Open Beta for PC through the official A3: Still Alive website.

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