A3: Still Alive MARBLEX Wallet DEX Service Now Available

A new way to play.
A new way to play. Facebook/@A3SAEN

The MARBLEX Wallet DEX Service integration for A3: Still Alive is now live. Not only does it complete the global blockchain ecosystem of the game but it also offers players a way to experience the key narrative on a different new level. In addition, the introduction of this new feature allows players to convert Inetrion Ore, an in-game currency, into INETRIUM, MBXL, and MBX. It also lets them convert Inetrion Ore to the public currency for real-life transactions.

To get Inetrion Ore, players need to visit the Inetrion Dungeon (Tiers 1-3) and use Radienne’s Protection to defeat the Inetrion Monster. Players need to collect at least 200,000 Ore and link the MARBLEX Wallet to the INETRIUM Refinery. Once done, players can then convert the ore into INETRIUM based on the exchange fee of the day, with a percentage of currency used for conversion. With the MARBLEX Wallet DEX Service, INETRIUM can then be used to buy and sell MBXL and converted to MBX to make live transactions and buy KLAY.

In celebration of the launch of the new service, players can expect in-game updates coming out by the end of the month. These include Soul Runner (mount), Relic, and Awaken Character. There's also the Extradimensional Gallery and new Guild Boss that can help increase the experiences of players. In addition, Inetrion Express and EXP Bonus-time Events for a new server should allow players to reach Level 190 quickly and efficiently.

New Events

There are also these events from April 26 to May 10:

  • ITU Top Trading Event
    • To join:
      • Complete the participation by purchasing ITU with MARBLEX Link.
      • Event ranking is based on the accumulated purchase amount.
    • Event Rewards:
      • 1st: 500 ITU
      • 2nd-5th: 200 ITU
  • ITU Lucky Draw Event
    • To join:
      • During the event period, all Guardians who have purchased 10 or more ITU with MARBLEX Link for a total of 5 days automatically participate in the event.
    • Event Rewards:
      • 100 drawn Guardians who participate: 100 ITU

A3: Still Alive is a mobile game set in an apocalyptic world of sword and sorcery. The game offers the experience of an open-world RPG combined with battle royale combat. It’s available on Android and iOS.

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