Zombie Cure Lab: Build Roads to Increase Worker Efficiency

Major Update 3 Thera Bytes

Zombie Cure Lab is a game where you build a settlement and establish a lab capable of curing zombies. The cured zombies called "Humbies" can be put in the workforce so you can build structures, fortify defenses, and combat the zombie horde.

Recently, developer Thera Bytes launched the game's third major update, which brought tons of new content. One of the highlights of Major Update 3 is the addition of roads.

Roads in Zombie Cure Lab are paths that modify your workers' movement speed, thereby improving the efficiency of your economy. They are best used to create connections toward resources located far away from your settlement.

There are four types of roads that you can build. For instance, the Tech Road has 100 HP and improves the movement speed of your workers by 200%.

New mechanic: Roads Thera Bytes



  • Paths can be drawn like fences, they give your workers bonus movement speed and will be preferred by them to walk on. Use paths to build connections to further away resource harvesting spots and optimize your layout.
  • Paths can not be clicked once built, delete them with the delete tool. Drawing a higher level path over an existing lower-level one counts as an upgrade.
  • Paths can be built on walkable areas, meaning through gates and through the main storage middle path, so you can build them closer to objects and have more freedom for placement.
  • Outdoor decoration assets have been added that look nice together with your roads. (The street lamps will light red with the lab alarm)


  • Power cables won't stay in the air anymore after deleting/ moving/ repairing power poles.
  • A bug was fixed where the landing zone was not buildable at the start of the game anymore.
  • Game over state works again, was broken could not lose anymore. Only lose game option is now that main storage gets destroyed.
  • -Humbie3 Zombie version, fixed backpack material missing in general.
  • Fixed ice hockey Zombie scaling, was smaller then intended.
  • Humbie 1 now has correct sleeping pod sleep animation

The company knows that workers traversing the latest paths can sometimes slide out of curves on high game speeds. When this happens, they're required to establish path connections, making them inefficient in reaching their target again. Don't worry, Thera Bytes is working on a fix.

Zombie Cure Lab Major Update 3 is available on PC.

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