Zombie Cure Lab: Major Update 1 Introduces Formidable Tank Boss

Major Update 1
Major Update 1 Twitter/@AerosoftGmbH

Zombie Cure Lab is a base-building game where you establish a settlement and a fully-equipped lab to turn zombies into humans again.

Apparently, the brave scientists in the game have created an antidote that can turn zombies into human-zombie hybrids called “Humbies.” The Humbies will turn into humans who will join the workforce after the curing process is complete.

Of course, for you to complete the entire process, you not only need to build a lab but you also need to set up fortifications to keep aggressive zombies at bay.

That said, developer Thera Bytes has released the first major update for Zombie Cure Lab. The headlining content of Major Update 1 is the new mutated tank boss zombie. This is a formidable boss due to its ability to deal splash damage, spelling doom for your settlement if you’re not able to handle it asap. The tank boss appears every 10 to 30 nights depending on the difficulty level you’ve selected.

In terms of features, you can now rename your workers and buildings by clicking the small pencil icon on the top-right corner of the screen when something is selected. And oh, you now have the ability to set up your hotkeys as well!

You can read the other major content in this patch below:

  • Tank Boss
    • Tank boss deals AOE damage with each attack, can’t be treated, and not be targeted by Guards. A wave freeze status shows up at the top showing your total freeze progress of the current attack wave.
    • The boss spawns in a specific tunnel (New train tunnel asset), an icon top of the tunnel, and a cooldown shows from where he appears. Two days ahead an boss icon appears at the timeline warning you of his appearance.
  • Nova Abilities
    • Main storage has nova abilities, a cooldown charges the abilities over the course of several days. The cooldown can be shortened with a boost that costs additional electricity.
    • Decide between one of the three nova abilities, frost nova, repair nova or mood nova. The nova spreads from the main storage in a certain radius with a maximum range and hits targets along its way.
    • The frost nova freezes hostiles, the repair nova restores your damaged buildings, the mood nova makes your workers happy again and even replenishes your needs.
  • Resources
    • Resource camp upgrades lets your workers use better tools that improve their harvest abilities, good for far away resource camps to quickly get resources.
    • Resources are tracked now, and you can see where they went, where they came from, and how many are where. The system differentiates between main storage, interim storage, on the ground, and carried. You can see those storages in the resource tooltips and the new statistics screen.

Zombie Cure Lab Major Update 1 is available on PC.

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