Path of Exile: Patch 3.21.1 Improvements to Crucible Forge

Crucible Expansion Grinding Gear Games

Grinding Gear Games has not released a sizable update for Path of Exile since Crucible was launched almost a month ago. That's why it's nice to see that the company deployed Patch 3.21.1 recently with some pretty good changes.

Those who play Path of Exile using controllers can now unallocate Crucible Passive Skills in the Crucible Forge UI as intended. Also, the annoying bug that occasionally caused some monsters to become stuck in the Crucible Forge is finally fixed.

Certain Crucible League challenges have been updated as well. For instance, the Ever-Extending Evolution challenge now considers a Crucible Passive Skill tree to be "fully allocated" if the allocation path reaches an end. With this change, players can just focus on a straight line until they reach their weapons' final Crucible Passive skill, thus saving them a lot of time in the process.



  • The "Defeat 100 Rare Crucible Monsters" and "Defeat 50 Unique Crucible Monsters" conditions for the Towering Titans challenge no long require the Forge of the Titans area to be level 84. The other two conditions for this challenge still require an area level of 84.
  • Updated the Ever-Extending Evolution challenge to have "Crucible Passive Skill Tree with at least 11 Skills" as an outcome that awards credit (previously 13 skills).
  • "Map Complete" now displays on the screen overlay when you have defeated the boss(es) in that Map.
  • The Cycling Damage Reduction monster modifier now grants 80% reduced damage taken from elements other than the active one (previously 90% reduced).
  • Elemental Ailments other than Freeze are no longer discarded if their duration is lower than 300ms.
  • The vendor recipe for upgrading Scarabs no longer takes priority over the recipe that provides a random Scarab of a different type than the one vendored.
  • Instant skills bound to left-click now behave the same as when "Move only" is bound to left-click, for the purposes of movement and interactions. This fixes an issue where your character could move to un-intended locations when moving with an instant skill bound to left-click.
  • The Forged Slithering Snake can now be desecrated.


  • Fixed a bug where the Staff Passive Skill Mastery that provides 30% increased Defenses while wielding a Staff was applying twice to Armour and Evasion Rating.
  • Fixed a bug where gaining Adrenaline through the Stun Passive Skill Mastery did not remove all Ailments when you also had the First to Strike, Last to Fall Champion Ascendancy Passive Skill allocated.
  • Fixed a bug where Pinpoint Support could modify the number of projectiles for Fireball and Rolling Magma when you had the Crucible Passive Skill allocated which ignored modifiers to number of projectiles for these skills.
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to gain Infusion after channeling if the required channeling time on Infused Channelling Support was lowered to or below zero.
  • Fixed a bug where the Crucible Passive Skill Tree modifier that causes Buffs on you to expire faster was applying to Flasks.
  • Fixed various cases where UI elements could display on top of the Crucible Forge UI.

Path of Exile Patch 3.21.1 is now available on PC.

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