Xiaomi Users Banned From Pokémon Go, Niantic Still Investigating

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Niantic is reportedly investigating on the issue, although no timeline yet as to when it will be fixed.
Niantic is reportedly investigating on the issue, although no timeline yet as to when it will be fixed. Niantic

There are a lot of reasons why video game companies tend to ban players from a game. In most cases, it could be due to a user being a problematic player. Other players, however, are banned because they violated the game’s community guidelines and terms of service. However, to a group of Pokémon Go trainers, they believe that Niantic banned them for simply using a Xiaomi phone.

A recent thread on the subreddit r/TheSilphRoad suggests that the studio has mistakenly banned users using Xiaomi devices even if they did not do anything wrong. Many Pokémon Go players believe that the anti-cheating measures, which were built directly into the game, are misidentifying the app or system process that is unique to these mobile devices. It appears, too, that the ban is only unique to certain Xiaomi devices like the Redmi Note 5, although this continues to be under investigation.

Some Pokémon Go players have reported bans that range from 30-day suspensions to permanent account closures. Niantic, the developer behind the hit mobile game, has yet to find an answer to resolve the situation. However, the studio has already issued a statement regarding the situation and is currently performing an investigation to this weird ban.

The studio, as of this writing, has yet to find a solution to resolve the underlying problem. Still, the developer’s investigating reports suggest that the bans are linked to Xiaomi's GameTurbo feature which resulted in punishments and account strikes. The studio has already confirmed their plan to revise and resolve the issue.

It is unknown as to when Niantic can resolve this issue. Unfortunately, affected Pokémon Go players will have to wait for this to be resolved by the company.

In related Pokémon Go news, Niantic is bringing the Stardust Blast event back. Players can once again obtain twice the normal amount of Stardust each time they hatch or capture a Pokémon. It should be noted, however, that this event is going to end come October 10. As such, fans should start taking advantage before the event wraps up.

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