Wait, Where's Giovanni In Pokémon Go's Team Rocket?

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Team Rocket is not complete without their boss, Giovanni.
Team Rocket is not complete without their boss, Giovanni. Niantic

You do not have to like Team Rocket to know who Giovanni is. But for the uninitiated, he is the man behind the team – the boss.

Back in July, the official Twitter page of Pokémon Go was taken over by Team Rocket. By the looks of it, Giovanni was believed to arrive in the hit mobile game. In fact, in one cryptic tweet, the figure of the villainous team’s boss could be seen, allowing fans and players alike to anticipate his arrival.

However, a few months later, the prominent figure in Team Rocket is still nowhere to be seen. The only sighting players had of the former Viridian City gym leader was during Pokémon Go Fest Yokohama. It was here Giovani was photobombing players taking SnapShot pictures. That was pretty much his exposure in the game since the cryptic tweet.

Considering the fact that Team Rocket has become good at wrecking havoc in-game – and not to mention their constant act of stealing items from PokéStops – there is no doubt that Giovanni should arrive very soon. After all, his introduction to the game would be the next logical step from Niantic.

Whether his continued absence from Pokémon Go is part of the studio’s ongoing plan or something has come up to slow down his reveal, it remains to be seen. As a matter of fact, minus the image teasing him, there has been no mention of the Team Rocket lead figure.

The community seems to believe that Niantic purposely delayed his arrival. This came up when the game’s official Twitter account shared an interesting tweet that says, "Trainers, the make-up Legendary Raid Hour featuring Mewtwo with the move Psystrike will be on October 8, 2019 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time. Stay tuned for details."

Of course, the arrival of Giovanni in Pokémon is always a strong possibility. While nothing has been set in stone, it looks like October 8 might just be the date players have been waiting for. It is interesting to see just how Niantic will incorporate the Team Rocket boss into the game. And with his arrival, will the ultra-shadow Pokémon known as Lugia be introduced as well?

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