Not Everyone Is Happy With 'Flower' Eevee In Pokémon Go

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Unfortunately for Niantic, players are not happy with Eevee's newest evolution.
Unfortunately for Niantic, players are not happy with Eevee's newest evolution. The Pokemon Company

Niantic has disappointed the Pokémon Go community with its release of Eevee’s newest variant, one that comes with a flower on its head. Unfortunately, it does not have the same appeal as other numerous legendary Pokémon that the studio previously introduced.

Apparently, a lot of Pokémon Go trainers were shocked when the studio made the announcement last month. For some players, Eevee has become a research breakthrough reward which, in one way or another, continues to be comparatively underwhelming.

One Twitter users said: "Going from 4 different legendaries that could be shiny to an Eevee with flowers seems a little underwhelming in my opinion, especially with it being during the month of the ultra unlocks. Perhaps the Kanto regionals would of been a better choice?"

The topic also made its way to the official Reddit page of Pokémon Go, although it has since been removed. The original poster shared the same view that Eevee being a reward is no longer an exciting thing to have in the game. This is most especially when Niantic said that the new evolution will last for about two months all the way through to November 1.

However, one user replied with what might just be a logical explanation for two-month period the studio chose. "The reason it’s two whole months is almost definitely so the people who still stamp every day get 8 flower Eevees, one for each Eeveelution (assuming Sylveon gets a flower crown sprite when it gets added)."

Perhaps an interesting reason Niantic decided to "lessen" the reward for acquiring seven stamps is simply because it decided to make legendary Pokémon a tad common in-game. Besides, the likes of Ho-oh and Kyogre, among others, should be difficult to obtain and is actually exciting when players eventually do so. The existing format of encountering one per week (if players are successful enough to complete the field research on a daily basis) just took away from their allure.

In addition to trying to make legendary Pokémon more rare, it may also be the studio’s go-to process of encouraging players to start participating in raid battles. Without rare Pokémon as research rewards, the only place to get these pocket monsters will be in raid battles.

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