World of Warcraft Classic Goes Back to Outland June 1

The Legion is almost here.
The Legion is almost here. Blizzard

It was back in 2007 when adventurers from around the world were tasked to go to the Outland and confront the Betrayer Illidan Stormrage. As it turns out, everyone has that chance again this coming June 1 with the release of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic.

Long-time fans should be familiar with this first-ever expansion of World of Warcraft. It was then when players had to protect Azeroth from the forces of the Burning Legion, and the new title is a genuine recreation of that event. Like before, players get to explore a new world and access two new playable races: the blood elves and draenei.

In preparation for the upcoming launch, a pre-expansion patch will be released on May 18. Once this patch arrives, players can choose to move forward with their characters to Burning Crusade Classic or stay and continue to play the WoW Classic content.

There is, however, a way to experience the best of both worlds, so to speak. Blizzard is offering players the choice to use the character cloning service which lets them continue playing a copy of existing characters either on Burning Crusade Classic or a Classic Era realm. There’s a catch and it’s a big one. If you choose the cloning service, it will cost you $35 per character.

On May 18 as well, those who proceed to Burning Crusade Classic can try blood elf and draenei characters and experience the corresponding starting zones, which are the Azuremyst Isles and Eversong Woods. This should be a good way to prepare before the Dark Portal opens on June 1. There’s also a limited-time event where players can meet some of the demonic agents coming from the Dark Portal.

In a press statement, Blizzard President J. Allen Brack shared that for many WoW players, the Burning Crusade was but the first step to a big adventure that many of them are still part of today. He added that the Burning Crusade Classic hopes to give players the chance to experience Outland again.

If you’re interested, Blizzard is offering the Burning Crusade Classic Digital Edition at $69.99, and comes with the pre-expansion pass as well as these goodies:

  • Reawakened Phase-Hunter mount
    • A creature that draws on the otherworldly energies that transformed Draenor into Outland.
    • For use in Burning Crusade Classic.
    • Has been designed to match the look of the original expansion.
  • Viridian Phase-Hunter mount
    • A variant that can be used in modern World of Warcraft (including Shadowlands) and reflects the game’s current visual style.
  • Dark Portal Hearthstone
    • For use in Burning Crusade Classic, which provides a unique visual effect inspired by the gateway between worlds.
  • ​The Path of Illidan toy for Burning Crusade Classic.
    • Causes your character’s footsteps to leave flickering fel fire in their wake for a short time.
  • ​The Dark Portal Pass
    • Boosts one character to level 58.
    • Same restrictions as standalone Dark Portal Pass apply.
    • Cannot be combined with standalone Dark Portal Pass purchase.
  • 30 days of World of Warcraft game time
    • Gives access to WoW Classic, Burning Crusade Classic, and the modern game.

So are you ready to face the Legion?

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