BlizzCon 2021: The Burning Crusade Arriving to World of Warcraft Classic

The first expansion is here.
The first expansion is here. Blizzard

World of Warcraft Classic is set to introduce Burning Crusade Classic, a recreation of the first expansion of WoW . To be released later this year, it brings players back to the Hellfire Peninsula to discover more about what’s hiding in Zangarmarsh.

In a press release, Blizzard President J. Allen Brack said that this version was released after the demand from the community. He added that while they’ve been releasing updates, they’ve since learned that players want to experience more.

Expansion Features

Burning Crusade Classic is giving players the chance to experience again this chapter in the story. Players can expect many features from the 2007 version including:

  • The Shattered Realm of Outland
    • Get to explore Blade’s Edge Mountains, a region where even dragons are afraid to go. Go to the floating islands of Nagrand and hunt alongside the Mag’har orcs. These are just some of the new content that players get to experience.
  • Two New Playable Races
    • Join the Alliance as the Draenei or fight for the Horde as the Blood Elves.
  • Gather at the Arena Gates
    • Show your skills in 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 PvP combat.
  • Take Wing on Flying Mounts
    • Travel becomes easier with the Outland now offering flying mounts.
  • Master Challenging Raids and Dungeons
    • There are several five-player dungeons for everyone to try out. There’s also the 10-player Karazhan or for those who want a challenge, the 25-player Sunwell Plateau.
  • New Options for Heroes
    • Players can now carve gems of power through the socket of their gear with the Jewelcrafting profession.

Two Ways to Play

Unlike the original version, Burning Crusade Classic gives players a choice before they enter the Dark Portal. They can either:

  • move forward to the Burning Crusade era
  • continue playing in WoW Classic

The choices are a way for players to feel the best of both worlds, so to speak. They can “clone” each of their WoW Classic characters as an optional paid service. This lets each hero join the Burning Crusade while ensuring that their copies can still do the original adventure.

Staying Behind

For those who think they’re not ready for the new adventure, a level-58 character boost service will be offered as an option. To make sure that the integrity of their accomplishments in WoW Classic is preserved, the boost can’t be used on Classic Era realms or even on the new races. Players are also going to be limited to boosting only one character per account.

The Expansion

Like how it was with WoW Classic, the expansion is going to be accessible from existing WoW subscriptions of players for free. Blizzard announced that they’re planning to have a beta test before the actual release. More details are set to be released at a later date.

Learn more about the Burning Crusade Classic here.

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