Fall Conquest Returns To World Of Warcraft Classic This October

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There's a new tournament coming next month.
There's a new tournament coming next month. Blizzard

World of Warcraft Classic announced that Fall Conquest is returning this October. For those not familiar, this is a series of double-elimination tournaments that takes place on Live Classic servers. This esports event is going to take place from October 3 to October 18 and features 15v15 battles.

The tournament is going to be split into two regions: North America and Europe. Each region is offering a prize pool of $6,000. All of the games are going to take place on the live servers for WoW Classic through the War Game feature.

For those who want to know more about this tournament, here are the other details:

  • Teams of 15 players can sign up for their region.
    • Signups are open to eligible players with a level 60 character on live servers for WoW Classic.
  • The tournament is going to be split into two stages for each region: qualifiers and finals.
  • The qualifiers are open signups.
  • The finals feature the top six teams within each region.
  • Teams battle against each other on live servers use the War Game feature, allowing players to queue up battlegrounds against other teams in their region.

Here are the schedules to keep in mind:

  • Sign-ups have already started back in September 15.
  • Sign-ups close on:
    • Europe: October 1
    • North America: October 8
  • Qualifiers
    • Europe: October 3–4
    • North America: October 10–11
  • Finals
    • Europe: October 17
    • North America: October 18

Tournament Format

In this Fall Conquest, players take part in level 60 Arathi Basin 15v15 matches on live servers for their region. Players need to be at least a level 60 character on their server to participate. Here are the other details:

  • Map Pool
    • All games take place in Arathi Basin on live Classic realms.
    • Games play out until one team has hit the 2,000 resources required to win the battleground.
  • Gear
    • All gear players have acquired on live realms are permitted in the tournament.
  • Team Compositions
    • Teams consist of 15 players.
    • Teams may use any combination of classes and specializations as their one team composition.
    • Players may only sign up with one character.
    • Players must play the character they signed up with throughout the tournament.
  • Other gameplay rules
  • Players may not access “Safe Spots”.
    • Safe Spots are defined as areas of the map accessed by performing a jump or series of jumps with an end point that could not be reached without the series of jumps.
    • Generally, most known jumps that skip between two tiers that are otherwise reachable is acceptable. In case of doubt, reach out to an admin.
  • Players deemed to be abusing Safe Spots are subject to disqualification from the match.
  • Players are not allowed to use the ‘Character Stuck’ feature during a match. Using this feature will lead to disqualification.

You can view the complete rules here.

More information about the tournament is going to be released in the coming days.

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