World of Tanks: Zoom Around the Battlefield with New Jet-Boosted Tanks in Update 1.19.1

Update 1.19.1
Update 1.19.1 Twitter/@worldoftanks

A new sub-branch of tanks is now available in World of Tanks Update 1.19.1. This patch introduces four new Chinese tanks, each with its own set of characteristics. But they do have something in common and that’s their ability to zoom around the battlefield using their built-in jet boosters!

Move Swiftly, Kill Fast

The new Chinese tanks in World of Tanks boast incredible firepower. However, their jet boosters provide players with a lot of advantages, especially in small maps.

The Wargaming Studios dev team said that the concept for jet-boosted tanks was conceived as early as the 1950s. However, the project was ultimately canceled in the 1970s. This didn’t stop them from using the concept, though, as they found it to be truly remarkable.

That said, how does the new mechanic work? Jet boosters can be used five seconds after the battle starts. There will be a notification that pops up on the screen, telling players that the boosters are ready for use.

The boost effect lasts for 10 seconds and can be used up to six times per battle depending on the tank used. After the limit is reached, players will get notified that they cannot use the booster anymore for the remainder of the match.

New Tanks

As mentioned earlier, there are four new Chinese tanks equipped with new jet boosters. The first is the BZ-58 - a Tier VII tank with a low silhouette and solid armor that makes it the most agile vehicle in the lineup. Players can choose between the BZ-58’s 85mm or 100mm guns to suit their playstyle.

The next tank on the list is the Tier VIII BZ-166. Armed with a powerful 122mm gun, this tank can cause 420 damage using the standard armor-piercing (AP) shell. Its mediocre accuracy and long reload time of 15.5 seconds leave much to be desired, but the BZ-166 comes with pretty good armor that can withstand considerable damage.

Players who want a tank they can rely on will not be disappointed with the new Tier IX BZ-68 tank. Armed with a 130mm gun that can deal 530 HP damage with standard AP shells and a whopping 660 HP damage using high-explosive (HE) shells, this thing can decimate the competition as long as players are able to accurately hit the enemy.

The last tank in the Chinese sub-branch is the BZ-75. This Tier X heavy tank boasts impressive armor plating and a 152mm gun so powerful that it can deal 840 HP damage with an HE shell. The only downside here is that its mobility is not that great due to its strong and heavy armor, but this is compensated by the fact that it can use its jet boosters up to six times per battle.

So, what can you say about the new jet-boosted tanks?

World of Tanks Update 1.19.1 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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