World of Tanks: There’s Still Time to Complete the Holiday Ops 2023 Challenge

Can you finish the challenge?
Can you finish the challenge? Wargaming

For those looking to have some fun in World of Tanks, the Holiday Ops 2023 is still in full swing. Complete the challenge or finish assignments from guests to earn cool rewards, but don't take too long because the event ends January 9.

The Holiday Ops 2023 actually started before Christmas Day. However, don't worry too much since the missions are cumulative and can be completed at the same time. Completing missions lets you obtain a unique medal, cool inscriptions, and even an amazing decal.

But wait, there's more! There's also a spectacular 2D style up for grabs that feature none other than Milla Jovovich along with unique Marks of Excellence. In fact, Milla Jovovich herself is going to be a tank commander with an exclusive voice-over. She also brings her fully trained Repair and Firefighting skills as well as Brothers in Arms as a zero perk. Milla also joins the game with enough experience to learn a fourth skill or perk.

More Missions

Once you get Milla, completing missions from her give you credit discounts on researchable vehicles. Those able to finish all 28 Missions from Milla have the chance to unlock additional Missions from Arnold Schwarzenegger. A maximum of four missions can be unlocked and completing each gets you an Arnie-themed reward including Arnold Schwarzenegger himself as a tank commander with a unique voice-over.

Finish Assignments

The challenge isn't all there is to the Holiday Ops 2023. There are also Assignments handed out by both Milla and Arnie. These special quests can be completed by spending some amount of Warm Amber and Meteorix Iron. Once a certain number of assignments are completed, players can obtain stunning decals and spectacular 2D styles from both Milla and Arnie plus Marks of Excellence.

In addition, each completed Assignment from Arnie or Milla simultaneously increases all economic bonuses received in the game. When players finish an Assignment, they'll get a slight increase on the bonus to credits and bonuses to all types of XP - Free, Combat, and Crew - in Random Battles, including Grand Battles.

Get Maximum Rewards

Players who want to get more in-game rewards need to reach Festive Atmosphere Level X. Once they do, they can get a maximum of four female crew members and a new festive 2D style with unique Marks of Excellence, among others.

World of Tanks is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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