World of Tanks Launching Battle Pass Special: Judgment Day on January 12

Get ready to face the judgement.
Get ready to face the judgement. Wargaming

There's a new one-time in-game event in World of Tanks that's sure to make commanders around the world excited. Get ready for Battle Pass: Judgment Day, made possible through a collaboration with Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It's a standalone special event with many signature mechanics present in a battle pass. However, it's not part of the 2023 Battle Pass sequence.

This special event starts January 12 until January 26. In this one, players can look forward to getting some of the typical traditional prizes like Bounty Aiming. There are also rewards in the form of unique Terminator 2-themed items including voiced vehicle commanders, 2D styles, decals, and even a one-of-its-kind premium tank as the ultimate improved reward.

Here are some key features of the Battle Pass Special:

  • Battle Modes
    • Earn Points in Random Battle. Grand Battles not included.
    • Points can also be earned by completing Daily Missions.
  • Vehicle Tiers
    • Earn Battle Pass Points in Random Battles by fighting in Tier VI–X vehicles, including rental vehicles.
    • Daily Missions can be completed in any vehicle tier.
  • Progression
    • There are 50 stages available.
    • There's no need to activate the progression like with Chapters of regular Battle Pass.
    • That means everyone can participate in the event automatically.
  • Improved Pass
    • An Improved Pass is available for purchase.
    • Get access to additional rewards including the T-832 tank.
    • Stages can only be purchased with an Improved Pass.
  • Main Rewards
    • Themed in-game content created in collaboration with Terminator 2 that include:
      • T-832.
      • Tier VIII Premium tank, with unique looks and special effects referencing the movie.
      • Voiced vehicle commanders from the Terminator 2 universe.
      • 2D styles.
      • Decals.
      • Inscriptions.

Battle Pass Points

Here are the points that can be earned from this special event:

  • Random Battles
    • Rank in the Team/Results by XP Earned: Top 3
      • Points for a Victory: 7
      • Points for a Defeat or Draw: 5
    • Rank in the Team/Results by XP Earned: Top 10
      • Points for a Victory: 5
      • Points for a Defeat or Draw: 3
  • Daily Mission
    • Tier I (easy)
      • Number of Points: 10
    • Tier I (medium)
      • Number of Points: 15
    • Tier I (hard)
      • Number of Points: 20
    • Bonus Mission
      • Number of Points: 25

Learn more about Battle Pass Special: Judgment Day. World of Tanks is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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