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The latest update for The Cycle: Frontier brings a lot of balancing changes to most gears and weapons in-game.

In Patch 2.2.0, armor and penetration values per tier now increase in a linear fashion, so the difference is now consistent for each tier. Furthermore, the damage mitigation formula has been tuned in a way that makes lower-tier guns less effective now against those wearing Exotic gear, for example. According to the developers, these changes were implemented to make late-game armors feel more impactful.

For weapons, the C-32 Bolt Action sniper rifle has its damage reduced from 57 to 50, making it slightly less effective in Patch 2.2.0. However, its price is reduced to just 6,800 K-Marks now, so you can get a hold of this gun much sooner.

Additionally, the Shattergun’s maximum damage reduction due to distance is now set at 20 meters instead of 30. This is to emphasize that this weapon is only effective when used in close-range combat.

You can read the other balancing changes below:


  • Armor and Penetration progression values have been rescaled throughout the rarity levels:
    • Common: remains at 10.
    • Uncommon: previously 17, now 15.
    • Rare: previously 23, now 20.
    • Epic: previously 27, now 25.
    • Exotic: remains at 30.
    • Legendary: remains at 33.
  • Damage mitigation formula is reworked to increase the differences between low-tier and high-tier gear.
    • 5 points difference: from 11% to 13% damage reduction and amplification.
    • Example: 15 penetration vs 10 armor now has 13% damage amplification while 10 penetration vs 15 armor now has 13% damage reduction.
    • 10 points difference: from 20% to 23% damage reduction and amplification.
    • 20 points difference: from 33% to 37% damage reduction and amplification.
  • K-28:
  • Increased damage from 12 to 13. Reduced recoil by 20%.
  • B9 Trenchgun:
  • Movement speed is now reduced by 10% when the weapon is drawn.
  • Scarab:
  • Reduced refire time between bursts from 0.34s to 0.26s.
  • PKR Maelstrom:
  • Movement speed is now reduced by 10% when the weapon is drawn.
  • Reduced buying price of Rare to Exotic Weapons:
    • Kor-47: From 210,000 to 161,000 K-Marks.
    • Voltaic Brute: From 149,000 to 114,000 K-Marks.
    • Kinetic Arbiter: From 412,000 to 315,000 K-Marks.
    • Basilisk: From 275,000 to 210,000 K-Marks.
    • Reduced buying price of Epic to Exotic Helmets and Shields:
    • Epic Helmet: From 23,000 to 17,000 K-Marks.
    • Exotic Helmet: From 51,000 to 34,000 K-Marks.
    • Epic Shield: From 46,000 to 39,000 K-Marks.
    • Exotic Shield: From 103,000 to 79,000 K-Marks.
    • Selling prices and repair costs are adjusted consequently.

The full patch notes can be found here.

The Cycle: Frontier Patch 2.2.0 is available on PC.

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