The Cycle: Frontier Season 2 Update 2.0.0: New Map, Fortuna Pass, and Bug Fixes

The Cycle: Frontier Season 2 Update 2.0.0
The Cycle: Frontier Season 2 Update 2.0.0 steam

The Cycle: Frontier is an extraction shooter game with lots of intense moments and dangerous aspects. Currently, Season 2 is on-going and the developers have recently released Update 2.0.0 for everyone to download. Get ready to explore a new map with a new slate.

New Map

This update features a new map called Tharis Island. Beware of the place because it is said that whoever went deep into the caves started acting strange and losing their sanity. The entire area is dangerous, and you can only use your drop pods at a few spots after gaining the trust of some factions.

Fortuna Pass

The Fortuna Pass is back in Season 2, and there are some changes made from the Season 1 pack. This pass will have slightly different item distribution to make the progress more rewarding, however the bonus XP percent is reduced in the premium track because players could breeze through it.

In the Season 2 pack, you will receive:

  • 2 Prospectors with 2 variations each.
  • Various weapons skins.
  • Supply crates.
  • Aurum, Salvage tokens, and XP boost.
  • Abyss Alloy

The Cycle: Frontier Season 2 Update 2.0.0

  • General anti-cheat fixes and improvements to help our detections run more smoothly.
  • Direct X 12 got disabled for Epic Games Store players as it could cause issues.
  • Certain areas on Tharis Island are missing foliage.
  • The Soldier's Blade is currently missing its icon.
  • There is a stuck spot under a rock formation at the Jungle Thermal Ponds on Crescent Falls.
  • There's a door in a building north of the Vaccine Labs that cannot be closed after it is opened.
  • There's a stuck spot between the battery slots of the Dig Site area.
  • It can happen that mouse sensitivity on the station jumps up, but it is normal on the surface.
  • The Cultist Maelstrom has its size decreased in the Fortuna Pass preview.
  • Purchasing Fortuna Pass levels will show you rewards from previous tiers, but you will receive the right ones.
  • No sound is playing during Fortuna Pass level up overlay when in the Tech Tree.
  • An item with the weight reduction perk cannot be placed in your safe pockets.

You can read more about the update here.

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