Watch Doom Eternal Running At A Monstrous 1,000 Frames Per Second

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Doom Eternal
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When Doom Eternal was nearing its launch, Bethesda stated that the game is capable of running at 1,000 frames per second. Most people assumed that this feat would not be achieved anytime soon.

For a game that features non-stop action, Doom Eternal is surprisingly optimized and offers remarkable performance across all platforms. The game is also getting a next-gen upgrade, which will make it look and play even smoother on next-gen consoles. Despite being a highly optimized game, even modern PCs capable of running Doom Eternal at Nightmare settings are incapable of achieving 1,000 FPS as of now. This is why Bethesda and x-kom teamed up together to achieve this phenomenal feat.

Bethesda posted a blog and video explaining how the team assembled a computer comprising of high-end hardware that was built around the powerful Intel Core i7 9700K CPU and Asus RTX 2080Ti graphics card. With this setup alone, and no overclocking, the team was able to achieve an impressive 500 FPS in Doom Eternal, but they still needed 500 more to answer the challenge. The team then began to overclock all CPU cores up to 6.6 GHz and kept the temperature down by using a liquid nitrogen cooling system. Finally, Doom Eternal yielded a maximum framerate of 1,006 FPS.

It is important to know that liquid nitrogen is a dangerous compound and it shouldn't be used in home environments.

While Doom Eternal has made some remarkable changes compared to its predecessor, it has also become a testament to the id Tech 7 engine, which is capable of rendering a game at a ridiculous 1,000 FPS. The flexibility of the id Tech 7 engine also means that it can also render games on consoles at a much smoother framerate.

Doom Eternal is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia. Next-gen versions of the game are currently in development.

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