Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods Campaign Expansion Confirmed

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Doom Eternal Ancient Gods
Doom Eternal Ancient Gods Shacknews

If you've been desperately waiting for a substantial DLC for Doom Eternal, you are in for a surprise. After dropping a bunch of Battlemode and bug fix updates, Id Software has finally revealed the first story expansion for Doom Eternal. From the announcement made earlier today, it seems that the game will be getting a two-part DLC expansion.

The expansion called The Ancient Gods was announced during the opening of QuakeCon 2020. Shortly after, the expansion's teaser trailer was also uploaded on YouTube. The full trailer is expected to launch on August 27.

The Ancient Gods begins just after the end of Doom Eternal's main story. The Slayer's actions towards the end of the game cause an imbalance in powers between the armies of heaven and hell. The demons of hell capitalize on the opportunity and invade the weakened Angelic realm to capture it. Now, it's up to the Slayer to drive these demons back to where they came from.

The Ancient Gods is a two-part DLC and we imagine that this driving away of demons will require a great deal of effort on the Slayer's end.

The teaser is a short one and doesn't tell a whole lot about the DLC. However, we do get a good look at some new demons.

In a related note, recently Bethesda announced that Doom Eternal and Elder Scrolls Online will be getting free next-gen ports. If you currently own either of the two games on either the Xbox One or PS4, you are also eligible for a free next-gen upgrade for the Xbox Series X or PS5.

So, that's another good reason to play Doom Eternal if you haven't played it already. You can also read our full review of the game here.

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