Doom Eternal Is Getting New Render Modes

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Doom Eternal
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Since its release, Doom Eternal has continued to receive several updates, including fixes for the multiplayer-focused BattleMode. The game is also set to get its first story expansion called The Ancient Gods, which was officially announced last month. However, while you are waiting for the expansion, Id Software has dropped a new free update that adds new render modes so you can take flashy photographs.

Render modes allow players to apply new filters to the game to get a different feel while slaying demons. Similarly, Ghost of Tsushima also has what it calls a Kurosawa Mode, which allows you to experience the entire game in black and white. Doom Eternal now has eight render modes, which include retro handheld, black and white, VHS dots, classic, retro console, cinematic, and gritty.

Some of these eight filters were added back in June when the game received its second update, which also added a new multiplayer map. The recent update has introduced the Retro hand-held mode, which looks similar to the Doom game on Game Boy. The dot mode makes the game look like pop art from a comic book, while the black and white mode is fairly self-explanatory.

Id Software has been having a hard time delivering updates for Doom Eternal. The developer has also been negatively bombarded with reviews regarding the implementation of anti-cheat software, which many gamers considered invasive. The backlash from fans ultimately led to the reversal of the anti-cheat software.

Despite all the minor issues Doom Eternal had to go through, the game has stood out as one of the most remarkable FPS game of all time. With Doom Eternal receiving new updates and story expansions, these small errors will be easily overlooked in a few months so it will be remembered as the demon-slaying frenzy it was meant to be.

Doom Eternal is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia. The game is also set to launch on PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch sometime later.

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