Wartales: Players are Headed to the Great Gosenberg in Latest Update

Great Gosenberg Update
Great Gosenberg Update Steam

The second major content patch for the open-world RPG Wartales is now live0, and it’s called the Great Gosenberg Update.

In the Great Gosenberg Update, players will travel to the City of Gosenberg in the province of Grinmeer. What was once considered a beacon of hope, culture, and art is no longer safe because a despicable crime has been committed in the Upper City - the murder of Broker Wylla Ald Hoevendorp.

Players are tasked to lead an investigation and bring the accused to the Brokers’ Palace. They will have to channel their inner detective; piecing clues together and gathering evidence to present at the trial to ensure that the criminal gets what they deserve.

Brokers' Palace
Brokers' Palace Steam

Aside from the intriguing storyline, the latest content patch for Wartales raises the unit level cap to 11 and enemy level cap to 12. Furthermore, players can now unlock Level 10 skills, including the ability to change weapons during combat.

Here are the other things added in this update:


  • Rouste
    • Try your hand at the most violent and enthralling sport in Wartales.
    • Throw yourself into the fray (and the mud) with six of your best companions.
    • Take on the local team for a chance to win a prize provided by the generous: Broker Bernna.
    • Features a brand new “combat” system based on the current one, as well as new features, skills and equipment.
  • 2 new arenas with their respective champions
  • A new champion
  • Explore a new region and its points of interest, including but not limited to
    • The Brokers’ Palace
    • The Embassy
    • The Brothel
    • A few Manor houses
  • Explore a new Tomb of the Ancients including a new kind of puzzle
  • New Location in Arthes County


  • Profession level cap has been increased to 4, includes a new bonus
  • The 2 Arenas unlock 2 class specializations
  • Reworked the Compendium Forge page: you can now unlock craftable weapons and armor in groups of 3 at the cost of 1 knowledge point
  • Added Forge Tier III as well as a new resource: Rimesteel
  • 6 new traits have been added


  • Added left-handed weapons (a whopping 14 of them!) including the Recoil Bomblet and Pungent Powder
  • 8 belt/backpack items
  • 12 cooking recipes
  • Weekly Bounty gear is now upgradeable!
  • Reworked battle pony armor: light/medium/heavy has been replaced by Tier 1/2/3, added a 3D model for the armor


  • Bandit Lairs balancing: now each skull corresponds to a wave of enemy reinforcements
  • Fire Damage over Time reworked : You will no longer be able to get rid of fire so easily.
  • Enemy ponies will now wear armor in battle; changes depending on their level.
  • Readjusted the components necessary for certain crafts

Wartales Great Rosenberg Update is available on PC.

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