Wartales: Fleeing Merchants and Improved Ally System Implemented in Community Update 4

Community Update 4
Community Update 4 Steam

Shiro Games, developer of the open-world RPG Wartales, has released Community Update 4 recently. This patch featured improvements to some of the game mechanics, including an improved ally system and fleeing merchants.

In Community Update 4, merchants and their ponies will now try to flee whenever you attack their caravan. You’ll end up facing their mercenaries though, so be prepared for a fight. You have to catch up to the merchants quickly or they will run away with their precious cargo intact.

Additionally, the ally system in Wartales has improved thanks to player feedback. You can now select what your allies do instead of them marching to their deaths; you can either have them attack/defend or force them to flee if the situation calls for it.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you now allocate the attribute points of your units by spending some Influence. This change gives you full control over your companions’ evolution.

Here are the other things introduced in Community Update 4:

  • Tomb of the Ancients
    • Recent excavations have uncovered a new ruin at Tiltrën
  • Fangs selling price has been updated (is now 0 gold, as originally thought)
  • Component selling price has been decreased
  • Captain/Lieutenant wages have been increased
  • Trade: You can now make bigger profits if you sell trade goods far from where you bought them but you can no longer make profits with trade goods in the same region where they are produced
  • Refugee caravans can no longer buy or sell items
  • Path Runners now provides a 20% speed bonus on road (was 10% before)
  • Artful Dodgers now provides +10% suspicion reduction speed
  • Prisoners can now learn their original faction passive ability Level 6
  • Since they have less power than your mercenaries, their wages are divided by 2
  • You now have access to a “Trust log” for your prisoners. You will now be able to know what affects them!
  • Ponies now start with 6 food consumption instead of 4
  • Also, some of their passives have been reworked
  • Willpower seemed to us to be a slightly weaker statistic than the others and less popular. To make it more interesting, we boosted it a bit: when a unit reaches 12 points of Willpower, the first time it dies in combat is ignored and it remains at 1 HP. Think of it as a sort of "Dying" bonus!

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Wartales Community Update 4 is available on PC.

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