Wartales: Community Update 3 Introduces the New Confessions System

Community Update 3
Community Update 3 Steam

The open-world RPG Wartales has a new update that introduces new game mechanics. First, Community Update 3 adds a confession system where your companions react to certain events by giving a speech. Afterward, you decide how you will approach their confession. Be careful because your decisions will ultimately affect your relationship with them.

Speaking of relationships, Wartales also has a new system where your companions can make or break connections with one another. Different actions have a chance to either improve or destroy relationships. These new mechanics make the game even more interesting. After all, Wartales is about leading a band of mercenaries - living every day with new decisions to be made.

Reworked Prisoner System

Community Update 3 reworks the prisoner system as well. There’s a new “escape ability” stat that gives you an idea of whether the prisoners you’ve captured can escape from captivity. The higher this stat is, the more likely they’re able to escape!

Two new pieces of camp equipment have also been introduced. The first is the whip which can be used by your foreman to whip your companions, making them work efficiently. Be sure to use this sparingly because your companions might succumb to the blows.

The second piece of camp equipment is the pillory, which can be utilized to prevent the prisoners from escaping.

Keep in mind that escaped prisoners can still be found in the world. If you find them in your travels, you can decide what to do with them. You can either have them killed or imprison them again.


Starting Options
  • You can now select starting traits for your companions
  • You can now select the color of your pony’s dress
  • The willpower of your starting companions should now be 10
Game Over
  • Some Game over mechanics were frustrating, especially for Ironman mode players. We decided to tune them:
    • When you have no more torches, you are now expelled from the ruin with armor to repair and injuries instead of getting a game over
    • Important allies can now start Dying
    • If an important ally starts Dying, you can now instantly retreat
  • Some traits are now hidden. Your companions may come into the world with hidden personality traits or talents that can be revealed when the conditions are met
  • A lot of new traits have been added
  • You can now feed and pay your companions even if you don’t have enough Krowns or food to do it. Your loss of Happiness will be adjusted to match the amount

The full changelog for Wartales Community Update 3 can be found on Steam.

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