Wartales: Harag's Marshlands Update Adds New Region and Combat Modes

Harag's Marshlands Update
Harag's Marshlands Update Steam

The open-world RPG Wartales has received its first major content update called the Harag’s Marshlands. This sets you and your band of mercenaries to the rugged, rocky, and swampy area of Ludern where new enemies, environments, and creatures reside.

Ludern is a brand new region you can explore. Along with it are Forsaken Villages - places where you can recruit members to join your team. But be careful, if you create too much noise, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble.

Some of the new enemies that you can come across in Ludern are Bears, Giant Mosquitoes, and the unique Crocswines. Furthermore, each enemy faction now has a new unit that can be unlocked upon reaching Level 5. Enemy factions also have a unique passive trait that unlocks after Level 6, making them even stronger than ever.

But don’t worry, your group gets stronger in this update as well. The level cap has been increased, with a new step of specialization unlocked at Level 8, and each class has access to brand new skills. Additionally, you can tame almost all types of animals and they come with their unique skill trees too!


  • The level cap has been increased to 9
  • Explore a new Tomb of the Ancients
  • The Marshlands are infected by plague riddens and Hordes frequently roam the land. Try to escape from the huge cohort chasing you
  • The daily food consumption for animals has been updated
  • You can customize your group appearance by buying a barber’s kit
  • With the new regions come a TON of new items, equipment pieces, weapons, recipes
  • Depending on the weapon rarity, the UI background will change
  • We added new camping gear to be crafted with brand new interactions
  • The Bard is a new profession and allows you to learn and play songs in taverns
  • Each profession now have new recipes
  • When you change a profession, you should now come back to the highest level you reached in this profession
  • A new Survival battle mode has been added: hold a certain number of rounds
  • A new Escape battle mode has been added: Reach a specific area to flee the fight while being chased by swathes of enemies
  • New environmental effects can now affect the course of a battle:
    • Lightning strikes have been added during storms
    • Rockfalls have been added in certain combat biomes

The full patch notes can be found here.

Wartales Harag’s Marshlands update is available on PC.

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