Wartales: Community Update 2 Adds Region-Locked Mode

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Wartales sets you on a journey where you lead a band of unscrupulous people to survive in a harsh and hostile world. Recently, the developers launched the second community update that adds a new mode to the game.

Region-Locked Mode

The developers have originally implemented a system where the difficulty of the content scales with your level. While this may seem like a good solution for an open-world title, some people wanted a version without this auto-scaling. The devs have heard the community, so the region-locked mode has been added to the game.

Basically, all regions have a set difficulty and the size and the level of enemy groups are fixed. As you move away from your village, you can expect enemies to become much more powerful. This requires you to strengthen your troops so that you’ll have a fighting chance as you start to explore other areas.

Now, if you want to play the game using the default system, do not worry. At the beginning of your journey, you’ll be asked if you want to explore the world in “free” or “region-locked” mode.

The developers will be monitoring this closely and are eagerly awaiting feedback to make it better.


  • Questlog
    • When you open your map, you will now have a questlog to keep track of the state of your current regional objectives with a quick summary of what you have to do
  • Respecialization
    • Training grounds are a new building in each region that centralizes everything related to companion abilities. We also wanted to create a place where you could optimize and reset your companions' specialization tree
  • Camping gear
    • You can now have a chest in your camp to store your items. If you don't want to carry around items you no longer use but still want to keep, store them in your chest
  • UX
    • You can now sort your inventory depending on the selling price, weight, or item type
    • When an item is on sale, you should now also see the correct original price to compare both
  • Professions
    • Crafting an alchemy recipe now grants more experience
    • Crafting a blacksmith recipe now grants less experience
    • Fish oil has been added to each apothecary: it will now be easier to craft oils
    • You should now gather more iron if you succeed in your gathering
  • World
    • Hideouts should now have their unit number reduced when you have killed groups related to the hideout, as originally designed
    • You should now gather more wood in the world
  • Combat
    • When you ambush or surprise attack enemy groups, they should now be grouped together and your group should circle them
    • Enemies' bowmen will now have a greater chance to shoot their allies in a disadvantaged position, as originally designed
    • Oils effects have now more chances to be triggered

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official Steam page.

Wartales is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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