Warframe: Echoes of the Zariman Helminth Invigorations No Longer Applicable to Dog Days Missions in Hotfix 31.6.2

Warframe Dog Days Missions
Warframe Dog Days Missions Digital Extremes

Warframe got an update recently that provided some changes and tons of bug fixes. There’s a particular change that some players will not like, especially those who love playing the Dog Days missions.

For those who don’t know, Helminth Invigorations are random buffs that can be applied to Warframes. Possible buffs include increased ability strength and increased primary weapon damage.

In Hotfix 31.6.2, Helminth Invigorations that improve weapon damage no longer apply to Dog Days missions. The reason for this is that the developers intended these missions to have everyone on a level playing field to make things enjoyable. Being able to increase the Soaktron’s damage via Invigorations went against this principle, so it has been removed only for this event. Don’t worry; the weapon damage buffs provided by Helminth Invigorations will take effect in other missions.

Hotfix 31.6.2 for Warframe brought bug fixes as well. The Felarx shotgun’s Incarnon Mode no longer generates and maintains charge from its shots. Charge only builds up while out of Incarnon Mode from now on.

The other bug fixes can be found below:

  • Fixed big refreshing delays when opening the Nightwave Challenges screen
  • Fixed inviting players via chat that are not in your Friends, Recent Players, or Clan list resulting in a “Could not parse targetID” error and not delivering the invite
  • Fixed Arbitration Drones at times not dropping their invincibility, which would prevent the mission from being completed
  • Fixed Felarx’s reload FX not applying custom Energy colors
  • Fixed a wonky chord and made balance tweaks to the Void’s Song Shawzin
  • Fixed the "Catch X Fish Without Missing a Throw" Riven challenge resetting on each throw, even when making contact with a fish
  • Fixed being able to cast Inaros’ Devour on allied crewmembers on the Railjack by using the Tactical Menu
  • Fixed Sirocco’s bullet entry points not aligning with the crosshair in The New War quest
  • Fixed the Vericres appearing in the Profile page and Codex
  • Fixed Aeolak’s magazine getting stuck in hand if the reload animation gets interrupted
  • Fixed Eximus Credit Cache reward appearing like a mod when dropped
  • Fixed the Sabotage target points in the Kuva Fortress Assault mission missing their color to indicate where to shoot
  • Fixed the health bar UI missing on the consoles you are defending in the Deadlock Protocol quest

Warframe Hotfix 31.6.2 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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