Warframe: Echoes of the Zariman Now Available

Echoes of the Zariman
Echoes of the Zariman Digital Extremes

Warframe: Echoes of the Zariman are now available via Update 31.6. This massive update brings new content, an improved void sling, and some Zariman mission changes.

New Content

Warframe: Echoes of the Zariman has plenty to offer. Those who are itching to get their hands on some killer armaments will be happy to know that Cavalero has new weapons on offer - the Felarx shotgun and the Innodem dagger.

Felarx Shotgun
Felarx Shotgun Digital Extremes
Innodem Dagger
Innodem Dagger Digital Extremes

Aside from that, Update 31.6 brings some fast travel portals that give easy access from Quinn to the Chrysalith elevator and vice versa. These portals allow players to get new bounties quickly so they can get right back to action ASAP.

In addition, a new dynamic gameplay element called the Lohk Surges has been added to Zariman missions. Three Lohk Surges will spawn throughout the map, and players who activate a Lohk Surge will gain a random buff for 45 seconds. Here are the possible buffs applied to both Warframe and Operator:

  • Secondaries have guaranteed red crits
  • Any Health Orbs picked up grant 25 max Health for the rest of the mission
  • Any Energy Orbs picked up grant 1 Energy per second for the rest of the mission
  • 1% life leech on all your damage and guaranteed bleed procs
  • No Energy cost on abilities and increase casting speed
  • 200% extra Affinity gain
  • Infinite ammo and 50% fire rate (affects Amps as well)

Once Lohk Surge is triggered, it will then spawn an Eximus that players must defeat. It is important to note that there’s a 10-minute cooldown before another Lohk Surge can be activated.

Lohk Surges
Lohk Surges Digital Extremes

Improved Void Sling

Void Sling was released as a replacement for Void Dash in the Angels of Zariman expansion, but it was met with some criticism. The main complaint that players have with Void Sling is the clunkiness of this ability, which is why the developers went back to the drawing board and made some improvements.

Back then, players would only be able to sling forward in the direction of the camera. However, Void Sling is now possible in all directions, removing its dependence on the camera.

For example, to initiate a back sling, all the player has to do is hold the “S” key and the Void Sling hotkey and that’s it. Do keep in mind that the Operator will just sling towards the camera instead of away, but the back sling will always be backward, regardless of the camera angle.

Warframe: Echoes of the Zariman Update 31.6 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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