Warframe: Echoes of the Zariman Hotfix 31.6.1 Resolves Issue with Trade Bans

Hotfix 31.6.1
Hotfix 31.6.1 Twitter/@PlayWarframe

The massive Echoes of the Zariman update for Warframe was deployed last week. It brought a lot of new content and improvements, but there was a major issue where players got trade banned because of some bug. Fortunately, this issue has been resolved in Hotfix 31.6.1.

According to the developers from Digital Extremes, the game accidentally imposed trade bans on players who had picked up Arcanes dropped by a Void Angel. In a game like Warframe, where trading is the lifeblood of some people, this is a pretty huge deal. The good thing is that the dev team was quick to address it with Hotfix 31.6.1. Players who got trade banned will just have to wait until their bans are reverted.

In addition, this update brings other changes and bug fixes. The patch notes can be found below:

  • Made the shells from the Felarx spiral as they fly through the air during reload. It's so fast that probably no one except Ultraclocked will notice. This one's for you, Ultraclocked
  • Reduced clip flare for Laetum and Felarx to help show underlying animation
  • Updated the new Dog Days Ephemera from “Fishy Ephemera” to “Soaker Ephemera”
  • Optimized generic explosion FX
  • Improved error handling for people who accidentally disconnect the drive Warframe is installed on while running cache optimization
  • Fixed the “Requires an Amp Arcane Adapter” error message popping up instead of the Arcane Adapter Slot one for Primary and Secondary weapons if you do not own the corresponding Adapter
  • Fixed being unable to interact with the view profile, invite to Clan, and report options in chat when right clicking on a player’s name
  • Fixed the Felarx’s Incarnon mode pistols using the wrong model. They have been updated to their intended Void look!
  • Fixes towards Clients getting trapped in the elevator when attempting to solo extract via the panel while a Void Angel is active in Zariman missions
  • Fixed Innodem being able to equip Ceramic Dagger Rivens
  • Fixed Innodem’s mesh having issues when on the ground after being stolen away
  • Fixed Felarx’s firing position projectile not spawning from the barrel
  • Fixed Eximus enemies not dropping their guaranteed Energy and 2x Health Orbs on death in Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Fixed the Felarx’s shells maintaining the default color instead of custom colors for Clients
  • Fixed script error with the Lohk Surges in Zariman Missions
  • Fixed script error with the blink pads
  • Fixed script error with the Scorpion’s new hook pull cut mechanic
  • Fixed script error in Void Armageddon missions related to Argozene
  • Fixed script error that could occur when an enemy’s Nullifier dome is destroyed
  • Fixed script error with Wukong’s passive

Warframe Hotfix 31.6.1 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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