Wards & Wardens Event Pack Coming to Crusader Kings III August 22

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For dynasties to flourish, it's always important to make sure that the throne is left in the right hands. The upcoming event pack for Crusader Kings III will surely treat players as it lets them experience the rough road of being a royal child. The Wards & Wardens event pack is coming out August 22, priced at $4.99.

This upcoming new event pack was actually selected by the Crusader Kings community during a vote held last winter. The focus here is the potential and perils of being a child ruler. It also includes educating the children at the court and furthering that learning in adulthood.

As such, some features of the event pack are:

  • Childhood Education Events
  • Visiting Universities for adult characters
  • More Childhood Personality Events
  • Child-rearing events with courtiers, including a new court position, the Wet-Nurse
  • Child Regency Events for the training or usurping of rulers who have not reached adulthood

Hostage Events

One of the new features to expect is the Hostage Events. Unlike what most people are familiar with, hostageship during the Middle Ages was not only common but also seen as a political and legal status. That's because during this period, hostages weren't taken but instead given. For example, they were used as a means to ensure a peace treaty.

Wards & Wardens will add hostages as a new type of relation between a foreign court guest and a prisoner. Think of it this way, these individuals can stay at the court like a guest but they can't leave on their own accord; these hostages were often children. Such arrangements are actually made to ease the mediation process and give both sides peace of mind.

Perpetual Hooks

In the game, players should be familiar with the two types of Hooks: Strong and Weak. Weak is the type of hook that players would get if they were to manipulate a person. It's single-use and can be refused at cost. Meanwhile, Strong hooks are those which can be used multiple times but are rarer.

When the new event pack goes live, Perpetual Hooks are going to be added. The new hooks can be put on hostages that wardens treat well. While these are refuseable like Weak hooks, they are permanent like Strong hooks.

Crusader Kings III is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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