Crusader Kings III Launching Tours and Tournaments Expansion May 11

Get ready for a new gameplay experience.
Get ready for a new gameplay experience. Paradox Interactive

A new expansion pack is coming to Crusader Kings III that's sure to offer a new experience once again. Tours and Tournaments comes out May 11 with a price tag of $29.99. Pre-orders for the upcoming expansion are now available.

Features of the Tours and Tournaments expansion include:

  • Grand Tournaments
    • Host a grand demonstration of feats of arms to attract nearby nobles and wandering knights.
    • Choose the events, set the destination, and use the tournament to improve your social standing or military prowess.
  • Grand Tours
    • Take a trip through your realm to take stock of your vassals.
    • Gifting them with your benevolence or maybe extorting them for higher taxes.
  • Grand Weddings
    • Save your gold for an elaborate ceremony that centers the real meaning of marriage which is politics.
    • Honor your in-laws and cater to your vassals.
    • Don't forget to demonstrate your power.
  • Travel System
    • Plan your route to these great activities:
      • Choose safety and journey through civilized lands.
      • Risk everything for a more direct route through dark forests or dangerous mountains.
    • You can show off your importance with a large entourage or travel light so that you can get down to business.
  • Knightly Accolades
    • Honor your best knights with special titles and accolades which give bonuses to them and the armies they lead.
  • New Armor Designs
    • Try on new historical armor designs from across centuries, integrated with the new Tournament and Accolade systems.
  • New Western Clothing
    • New art for clothing designs are available. Show how fashions changed and evolved in Western Europe.

Chapter II Pack

For those who want to get more content, they can check out the Chapter II Pack, now available for $34.99. In addition, it also comes with these:

  • Wards and Wardens
    • Enjoy new events which add greater depth and interaction to the challenges of raising and educating children.
    • Whether parent, tutor, or warden, the personalities of the child and adult may clash as headstrong or determined children resist the knowledge of their betters.
    • Strong guidance could lead to a lifelong bond across generations.
  • Legacy of Persia
    • Relive the dramatic struggle for survival and empire in the lands between the Euphrates and the Indus.
    • Special attention has been given to the culture and history of medieval Persia, with new systems for Clan government rulers.
    • It also expands on the Islamic and Zoroastrian religions dominant in the region at the time.
  • Elegance of the Empire
    • This clothing pack is exclusive to those who own Chapter II.
    • Dress your Central European characters in the finest of finery.
    • This pack is inspired by the historic regalia of the 11th century rulers Emperor Henry II and Empress Cunigunde of the Holy Roman Empire.
    • It includes new robes and dresses and historically appropriate crowns and other regalia.

Crusader Kings III was first released in 2020 on PC, with versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S released in 2022. It's set in the Middle Ages with players starting the game as a character in 867 or 1066. Compared to the previous game, the game map in Crusader Kings III is four times more detailed.

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