War Thunder: Update Improves the Battle Rating System

War Thunder Update
War Thunder Update Gaijin Entertainment

Update was just released recently by developer Gaijin Entertainment for War Thunder. It is an incremental patch, but it does offer new features and bug fixes.

First, battle rating (BR) is important because it tells you the performance and effectiveness of the vehicles in the game. It is used in matchmaking so that you can be paired up with those who have roughly the same rating as you. That said, after you’ve applied the latest update, the game will now show a warning message whenever you are teamed up with a player who has a different BR when queuing.

Furthermore, the actual battle rating of you and your squad’s vehicles is now prominently displayed in the queue window. This should help you decide whether to continue with your current team or find another squad.

For bug fixes, there was an issue with the hit camera where a torpedoed ship would be displayed incorrectly. Now, you do not have to worry about this anymore.

Also, the bug where aircraft contacts are determined when the radar is turned on or off has been fixed.

Patch Highlights

  • A warning message when the BR of the squad player’s vehicles differs from the BR of the squad leader’s vehicles has been added when queuing
  • Display of the actual BR of a player’s vehicles or squad’s vehicles in the queue window has been improved. The numbers are now more visible
  • Display of an aircraft’s contacts has been improved and the distance of their appearance has been increased. This simplifies visual search and detection of the aircraft at medium and long-range as well as against the surface background
  • A bug that caused the selected rocket detonation distance settings not to be applied, but to use presets of another aircraft in the setup, has been fixed
  • A bug has been fixed with heat sources that could not be rendered in the TVD with the very high-resolution effects option enabled
  • A bug has been fixed with the hit camera when the torpedoed ship might be displayed incorrectly or with missing modules
  • The maximum range of non-tracking target illumination with a fighter radar (due to radar sidelobes) has been decreased
You can read the full patch notes by heading to the game’s official Steam page.

What can you say about the improvements in the game’s battle rating system?

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