War Thunder Update Minor Patch Introduces VR Fix and More

War Thunder Update
War Thunder Update Gaijin Entertainment

A minor patch is now available for War Thunder and it introduces fixes for some vehicles when playing in VR mode, as well as various additions and improvements.

While Update is an incremental patch, it does offer nice things. First, it fixes a bug in the VR mode where the HUD on the windshield for vehicles, such as the F-5E, Phantom FGR.2, and the Harrier GR.1, may move when moving the head.

For those who may experience some crashes when starting missions on the Battle for Guadalcanal, they have been fixed in this patch. This means that no more crashes when playing such a dynamic campaign.

Also, Azimuth Scale and Active Reconnaissance have been added to the Commander’s sights, giving players certain advantages on the battlefield.

Visual improvements can also be expected. For instance, the damage panel of some ships has been repositioned so it will no longer overlap with the mission objectives window.

Patch Notes

For those who are interested to know what’s in store for them in this update, here are some patch highlights:

  • Azimuth scale has been added to the commander’s sight.
  • Dust effect position has been improved for the aircraft landing gear while running.
  • Missiles launched with automatic range setup to the target now follow the sight crosshair, not sight’s zero value.
  • Fixed a bug with decals displaying over certain 3D decorators, such as “Ammunition”, “Helmets”, “Machine guns”.
  • Fixed a bug with an unavailable driver’s camera, if a floating tank is in the water (report).
  • A bug has been fixed with reload indicator interrupted by the gunner’s knock-out on tank with auto-loader.
  • Repair status of horizontal drives of tank turrets wasn’t displayed in the interface during a tank repair after a fire
  • Hull skeleton of the last used in battle tank no longer disappears when a player is leaving a battle to the hangar.
  • Fixed a bug when the IR spotlight on vehicles didn't work in online modes.
  • F-5E, F-4E Phantom II, A-7D, AV-8C, AV-8A, Phantom FGR.2, Phantom FG.1, Harrier GR.3, Harrier GR.1: Fixed a bug where the HUD on the windshield could move when moving the head.

War Thunder Update is now available on all platforms.

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