Valorant Guide: Learn Some Of The Basics Before You Play

Prepare to fight.
Prepare to fight. Riot Games

If you’re one of those following the recent trends in gaming, then you’ve probably heard of Valorant. This free-to-play multiplayer game is Riot Games’ entry to the FPS genre. It was first announced back in October 2019 under the working title Project A before being officially released on June 2.

Today we take a quick look on how to play the game.

With Valorant being a FPS, the basic game mechanics should be familiar to those who play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. For Valorant, players face off on a 5v5 matchup to either detonate/defuse the Spike or just eliminate the other team. Here are the other gameplay featuers:

  • Teams need to win 13 rounds before the other team does.
  • Players get one life per round.
  • The attacking team need to push and plant the Spike.
  • The defending team need to stop the other team or defuse the Spike.
  • The game is all about tactics.
  • It’s not just Gunplay, as players need to take into account Abilities as well.


In the game, players need to choose from a group of Agents before the start of the first round. Each agent has their own role along with special skills. When it comes to roles, the composition can have an impact on the team. The roles are:

  • Duelist
    • Primary attackers.
    • Heroes:
      • Jett
      • Phoenix
      • Raze
      • Reyna
  • Initiator
    • Disruptors that can break open sites and start a push.
    • Heroes:
      • Breach
      • Sova
  • Sentinel
    • Reinforce the held territory in order to finish the job.
    • Heroes:
      • Cypher
      • Sage
  • Controller
    • Able to shape the battlefield to allow the team to take advantage.
    • Heroes:
      • Brimstone
      • Omen
      • Viper


Once everyone has chosen their Agents, teams then go to a random map and begin the first round. Before each round actually begins, teams are given 100 seconds to plan.

Then begins what is known as a Buy Phase. At the start of each round, players get a sidearm along with one signature ability. Players can then earn credits from kills, plants, and wins. Credits can then be used to buy guns as well as abilities. Players can also save credits and later buy items for their team.

For each round, the attacking team wins if they bring down all defenders or manage to plant the Spike and have it detonate. The defending team can win by bagging and tagging all attackers, defusing a planted Spike, or running out the time without the Spike being detonated. At the end of 12 rounds, the teams switch sides.

There’s a total of four maps to choose from, which are Ascent, Bind, Haven, and Split. While each map does indeed offer something new, the basics are the same. These are:

  • Plant or Defuse
    • Teams can plant or defuse the Spike on designated sites.
  • Adapt
    • Each map requires teams to adapt.
  • Angles
    • Each map allows different Agents to stand out.
  • Coordinate
    • Be sure to come up with a plan during the pre-round.

This being an FPS, it’s obvious that weapons play a large role. There are a total of six types of weapons, which are:

  • Sidearm
    • Useful when a player has little or no budget.
    • Different sidearms offer advantage in certain scenarios.
    • Weapon list:
      • Classic
      • Frenzy
      • Ghost
      • Sheriff
      • Shorty
  • SMG
    • For some up close and personal damage.
    • Weapon list:
      • Spectre
      • Stinger
  • Rifle
    • A well-rounded weapon that can be used long range or up close.
    • Weapon list:
      • Bulldog
      • Guardian
      • Phantom
      • Vandal
  • Sniper
    • For those skill shots.
    • Weapon list:
      • Marshal
      • Operator
  • Heavy
    • Knock back enemies and control areas with high-volume fire.
    • Weapon list:
      • Ares
      • Odin
  • Shotgun
    • Your favorite boomstick.
    • Weapon list:
      • Bucky
      • Judge

Before we forget, players also have the Tactical Knife, which is a melee weapon.

So what do you think? Ready to give this one a chance?

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