Valorant 1.0 Is Here With A New Agent And New Map

Do you have the skill to win?
Do you have the skill to win? Riot Games

If you’re one of those that missed the Valorant closed beta, well worry no more as Valorant has officially launched. The closed beta itself ended last May 28 with most progression being reset. It’s not just a launch though, as a new agent has been added along with a new map.

A little wait

Let’s start with a bit of bad news, if you could call it that. Competitive mode is not yet available, but this doesn’t mean it’s not going to be offered. In a post, Valorant Communication Associate Jeff Landa said that they want to make sure that everything is stable before launching competitive matchmaking. He went on to say that this should also “give new players the same courtesy that closed beta players had to learn the game ahead of turning on Competitive.” Riot is also taking this time to make adjustments to Competitive. The wait probably won’t be too long as Valorant plans to release this mode “a few patches into our launch.”

Straight from Mexico

As mentioned there’s a new agent in town and it’s none other than Reyna. This Duelist is considered one of the best when it comes to single combat. Her Special Abilities include:

  • Q – Devour
    • Enemies killed by Reyna leave Soul Orbs that last three seconds.
      • Instantly consume a nearby soul orb to rapidly heal for a short duration.
    • If Empress is active the skill automatically casts and not consume the orb.
  • E – Dismiss
    • Instantly consume a nearby soul orb and become intangible for a short duration.
    • If Empress is active, also become invisible.
  • C – Leer
    • Equip an ethereal destructible eye.
    • Activate to cast the eye a short distance forward.
      • The eye Nearsights all enemies who look at it.
  • X – Empress
    • Instantly enter a frenzy which increases:
      • Firing speed
      • Equip speed
      • Reload speed
    • Scoring a kill renews the duration.

Speaking of agents, the current ones also received some balances as part of the launch.

Other new addition

The launch also introduces a new map, Ascent. The map is set in Italy and offers an open and large middle area where the two teams can go head-to-head. Mid is a playground that allows for diverse ability use. Controlling the area opens additional routes, especially for Attackers.

There is also Spike Rush which is expected to give Valorant that fresh flavor.

You can view the complete patch notes here.

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