Ultrakill Patch 13b: Clash Mode Tweaks and Bug Fixes

ULTRAKILL: Patch 11b
ULTRAKILL: Patch 11b Steam

Ultrakill, the fast-paced action first-person shooter by New Blood Interactive received a crucial update yesterday. Patch 13b brought balancing tweaks along with a ton of bug fixes and improvements.

Clash mode received a couple of changes as KITR now follows the player in the said mode rather than brutally devouring them. Heavy breakables can’t be broken by standard sharpshooter revolver, and Radiant stalkers don’t cause sandified enemies to become radiant anymore. You can check out the complete changes below.

  • Radiant stalkers no longer cause sandified enemies to become radiant
  • Added names of people who made the community-made Cyber Grind patterns into the Additional Credits book
  • KITR will now follow the player even if in Clash mode
  • KITR will no longer mercilessly devour the player if in Clash mode
  • Standard Sharpshooter revolver can no longer break heavy breakables
  • Coins will now increase a Sharpshooter alt fire's amount of hits on a single target instead of damage
  • Sharpshooter alt fire's amount of hits on a single target per ricochet now caps at 3 (4 on Alternate revolver)
  • Fixed a bug that caused punching to no longer cancel a Whiplash pull after hitting an enemy with a hooked rocket
  • Fixed question mark weapon icon not working for the cut weapons
  • Fixed Alternate Sharpshooter revolver spinning animation being buggy if spun immediately after firing
  • Fixed MDK not dying correctly when jumped on in Clash mode
  • Sharpshooter alt fire no longer explodes Gabriel's spiral swords
  • Fixed a bug where a Cerberus would start moving at 5x speed if sanded in the period before enraging after another Cerberus dies
  • Swordsmachine is now affected by gravity during its animations
  • Fixed the glowing arrow on the side of the Alternate revolver not being visible
  • Spinning the Sharpshooter revolver while dual wielded and in the air adds upwards propulsion (more dual wields = more propulsion)
  • The level end stats and level leaderboards no longer round time differently
  • Disabling level leaderboards now also causes times to no longer be sent to the level leaderboards
  • Fixed Swordsmachine flying forward if knocked down on the exact frame of an attack where it starts moving forward
  • Fixed a bug that caused Size 2 fish to be uncatchable

You can read the complete patch notes on Steam as well. Players can purchase Ultrakill from there only for $24.99.

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