Train Sim World 3 Midland Main Line Route Add-on Arrives April 18

Pre-orders now accepted at Steam with a 10% pre-order discount.
Enjoy the new scenery.
Enjoy the new scenery. Dovetail Games

Good news for everyone! A new route is set to be introduced in Train Sim World 3 on April 18. The Midland Main Line route add-on covers an extensive part of the British rail network and is composed of three cities - Derby, Nottingham and Leicester. Pre-order is now available on Steam with a 10% discount.

For the Midland Main Line, players can look forward to an environment that incorporates a wide range of iconic landmarks which should be familiar to locals and visitors and rail enthusiasts. Locations like the Radcliffe Power Station and Red Hill Tunnel are featured in full 3D and carefully recreated courtesy by a team of specialist artists. The same effect can be experienced from 12 stations.

For this upcoming add-on, players can also get in the cab, explore the route, and live out the fantasy of being a train driver in the heart of the East Midlands. Of course, they have the option to simply sit in a carriage and enjoy the journey as one of the passengers.

There are two trains that operate on this route and one of them is the iconic Class 43 HST, aka the InterCity 125. This one features the Paxman VP185 power unit as well as the previous East Midlands Trains livery. The second is the Class 158, which makes its official debut in the game.

In a statement, Tom Foster of Skyhook Games revealed that for the Midland Main Line, they created the Class 158 from the chassis up. He added that each locomotive is unique and it was important for them to get the details right. Foster went on to say they also wanted something that was accessible not just to superfans of the series but also casual players.

Meanwhile, Matt Peddlesden at Dovetail Games shared that it’s always exciting to introduce a new train operator to the game. He commented that he’s happy to be able to bring the East Midlands Trains fleet to the game.

The Midland Main Line route add-on is priced at $39.99.

Train Sim World 3 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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