Torchlight: Infinite Open Beta in October; Pre-Registration Now Open for iOS

Excited for this one?
Excited for this one? Twitter/@torchlight_xd

The open beta for Torchlight: Infinite is launching this October; pre-registration is now open, but for now limited on iOS. The game is based on lore from the original Torchlight game but with a new story set in an apocalyptic era. In this one, a team of heroes is given the mission of protecting innocents and preventing an invasion of darkness.

One of the things that make the game stand out from others is that players can get precious loot from grinds without the need to depend on a stamina system or daily quests. The rarer the gear, the more unique and powerful the affixes are.

The game is unique in personality and rich in charisma. The heroes are dedicated to bringing back the light to the land of Leptis. So far, five heroes have been introduced, but a sixth hero is being planned for release soon. It’s the Oracle Thea, a goddess with magical powers who has a strong connection to the moon.

Speaking of characters, each one comes with three different hero traits, more than 230 skills, and the Six Gods Talent System. This should allow players to customize their characters as they see fit.

Features of the game include:

  • Fluid and intense combat
    • Experience thrilling ear-piercing explosions, devastating character jumps, and hordes of monsters in some of the smoothest and most slick combat to date.
  • ​Zero to hero
    • Each playable hero has endless possibilities.
    • Play heroes how you want by utilizing their traits with a character build you control.
    • Combine loot, skills, talents, and traits to take down legendary bosses.
  • Open character progression
    • Have the freedom to build your hero exactly the way you want to by combining:
      • Skills
      • Talents
      • Traits
      • Gear affixes
      • Legendary gears
  • Loot, loot, and more loot
    • There’s Infinite Loot, Infinite stamina, and no skill cooldowns.
    • That means more action and more loot.
  • Looking for trade
    • Trade items on the in-game marketplace and maybe pick something more for you.
  • ​Season of change
    • Post-launch content seasons with all new content, heroes, and more coming regularly.
  • Cross-play
    • Play across PC, iOS, and Android.

No word yet on when Torchlight: Infinite will be available on Android.

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