Torchlight 3 Revamps Relics System In Latest Update

A new way to develop your character.
A new way to develop your character. Echtra Games

Torchlight 3 announced that the new Relic Subclass update is now available. This is going to be the final major Early Access update before the game is officially launched for the PC and consoles later this year. It should be noted that the new update also means a complete character and account wipe for those who have been playing already.

In general, the new update revamps the Relics system and now gives players a wide range of options when it comes to character building. That should give players a chance to come up with a character that can fit their playstyle. What happens is that once a player chooses a class, they can then select their own unique Relic. This is a special item which offers a subset of both active and passive skills. There’s going to be a total of five Relics to choose from, each of which have their own distinct elemental associations and strengths. Just a word of warning though, players need to choose well since it then permanently becomes part of their build.

To give you an idea, here are the five Relics that players can choose:

  • Bane
    • Summon a cluster of spiders and cast forth volleys of deadly poison.
      • Poison Based
      • Summoning
      • Minion Bonuses
      • Staff Synergy
  • Blood Drinker
    • Heal your own wounds while enemies bleed.
      • Physical Based
      • HP Regen
      • Bleeding / Damage over Time
      • Sword Synergy
  • Coldheart
    • Control crowds, freezing, slowing, or knocking back immediate threats.
      • Ice Based
      • Crowd Control
      • Extreme Defense
      • Rifle/Pistol Synergy
  • Electrode
    • Unleash an unpredictable surge of electricity.
      • Electric Based
      • ‘Shock Bolts’ Support
      • Movement, Attack, and Cast Speed
      • Mace Synergy
  • Flaming Destroyer
    • Consistently burn enemies and set things ablaze.
      • Fire Based
      • Evasion
      • AoE Damage
      • Great Weapon Synergy

In a press statement, Echtra Games CEO and Torchlight series co-founder Max Schaefer said that when the game was first launched to Steam Early Access, they got constructive feedback, particularly on the Relic system skills. Indeed, in order to make the game accessible and exciting to everyone, Schaefer revealed that Echtra Games started working with the community in order to know how they wanted the game to be expanded on. This update is a good example, with Schaefer adding “it delivers incredible base gameplay improvements that make hacking and slashing goblins even more fun than ever before.”

Read more about this new update here.

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