Torchlight 3 Spring Update: Skills of the Cursed Captain

Beware the high seas.
Beware the high seas. Perfect World

The Cursed Captain sails today to Torchlight 3 courtesy of the Spring Update. The update is available free for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. In addition to the new player class, many new items along with some quality-of-life changes have been included by the update.

Before we take a closer look at the Spring Update, get your chance to grab the game now offered at a discount for:

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There are more sales on offer to be announced on May 27.

Aye Aye Captain

When it comes to cursed ghosts and the like, there’s no shortage of that in Novastraia. Some won’t move on because they can’t let go of the treasure that they amassed while others are held by regret. The Cursed Captain comes from the days of wild privateers before the Empire entered the scene. There’s no official description as to who the Cursed Captain was and what made this pirate stay in the world. Many agreed however that the Captain was a formidable adventurer.

Hoist the Sails

In terms of gameplay, the Cursed Captain makes use of Doubloons to cast Pricay and Cursed skills. Doubloons usually drop when attacking enemies or hitting them with a skill. But they need to be physically collected so awareness and positioning are important.

Here are some of the captain’s skills:

  • Ghost Ship
    • Materialize the Captain’s ship into this plane and command it to sail towards enemies and deal damage with each hit of the broadside cannon array.
  • ​Maelstrom
    • Summons a storm of souls and spirits which then forms a whirlwind at a targeted location and pulls enemies into it.
    • The Maelstrom deals damage every second and slows enemies.
  • Take a Swig
    • Take a sip from the hip flask to restore maximum health and lower any incoming damage for a short time.
  • ​Plunderbuss
    • Load up bounty into the trusty cannon and blast a burst of golden shrapnel which deals damage.
  • Wraith Walk
    • The Captain becomes incorporeal and then moves across enemies before arriving at a destination.
    • Enemies get Fear at the start and end of the movement.
    • Any Doubloons in the area are pulled into the Captain’s wake.
  • Broadside
    • Call upon the spectral ship to fire a bombardment of cannon fire on a location and deal damage.

You can learn more about the Cursed Captain here. Read all about the changes that arrived with the Spring Update here.

So do you think you can handle the Cursed Captain?

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