Three New Pokémon Games Announced, Including New Pokémon Snap

Ready to know what's in store for trainers?
Ready to know what's in store for trainers? The Pokemon Company

The Pokémon Company earlier today dropped some major news. Based on what they revealed, there’s going to be not one, not two, but three new Pokémon games coming soon, with the first one already released by the time this news is out. They also provided some updates on the current Pokémon games.

You can view the video below, or just read on.

Helping you smile

Every parent knows that having children brush their teeth is quite a difficult task. That looks to change if you believe what Pokémon Smile has to offer. The first step that needs to be done is to activate the camera of the smart device and then the gameplay is pretty straightforward. Pokémon have been captured by cavity-causing bacteria and children need to brush their teeth in order to rescue them.

Brush and get those pearly whites.
Brush and get those pearly whites. The Pokemon Company

That means the better kids brush their teeth, the better they are able to rescue the Pokémon. With more than 100 species of pocket monsters available, kids are sure to keep coming back to brush their teeth, if only to complete their Pokédex. That’s not all as by regularly brushing children get to earn virtual Pokémon caps that appear on their head in the game.

By the way, did we mention that this one is available right now for Android and iOS.

Ready to run your own café?

If you like Pokémon but don’t have the time to catch them all, then this should be the game for you. Introducing Pokémon Café Mix, a free-to-start puzzle game were players need to work together not only to complete puzzles, but also create drinks and dishes to serve to customers.

Serve delicious treats.
Serve delicious treats. The Pokemon Company

For the puzzle game, the task is to simply link matching Pokémon icons in order to clear them from the screen. However, each puzzle comes with its own objectives, so it’s important to think carefully before making the next move.

The more puzzles solved, the better the customers are served. In case we forgot, the customers that players are serving are none other than Pokémon themselves. That’s not all as the staff that assist the players are also Pokémon. It's Pokémon all the day down.

The game is set to be released for the Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. No date of release has been revealed, but preorders are now available.

Snap photos away

Remember Pokémon Snap? This was released way back in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. It featured a lot of Pokémon that were rendered for the first time ever in 3D. In the game, players took the role of a person known as Todd Snap. The goal was to take pictures of different Pokémon and use different items in order to get better shots.

Take your best shot.
Take your best shot. The Pokemon Company

If you loved that one then you’ll probably be excited to learn that a new game known as New Pokémon Snap is coming to the Switch. Like in the previous game, this one has players explores different environments like jungles and deserts in order to take photos of their favorite Pokémon and discover new expressions and behaviors.

So what do you think? Which of these three are you most excited about? And why is it New Pokémon Snap? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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