The Third Chapter of Ravenswatch Brings the Fall of Avalon

The fall is almost here. Passtech Games

Passtech Games announced that the third chapter of Ravenswatch is coming out on April 22. Fall of Avalon gives players the chance to explore a new map. It also introduces new enemies and even a boss. Hero talents are going to be added as well along with a new game mode.

Along coming is a themed quest where you need to help Morgan in defeating the Dullahan, also known as the Headless Horseman. More about this new chapter are to be revealed through the Dev Diary on April 15.

Ravenswatch was released to Steam Early Access back in April 2023. It's a top-down roguelike action game which offers intense real-time combat and combines it with deep gameplay and high replay value. It's developed by the same team responsible for the Curse of the Dead Gods.

Fighting the Nightmares

In the game, the Nightmares have spread with the Reverie and are corrupting everything in their path. To fight against these creatures of the Nightmare, you'll need to hone your skills as well as find the strength the defeat them. You can also make use of unique hero abilities that's inspired by characters from folk tales and legends.

If you want to defeat the Nightmares and reach the final chapter, you'll need to have a strong build and make sure to focus on teamwork. Before facing the level boss, be sure to increase you fighting power.

The game lets you do various runs where you play as different heroes. Be sure to make the most of the upgrades and items that you find. You also get experience new activities and fight new enemies with the randomly generated map.

The World of Tales and Legends

The world of Reverie is actually one that's been built on old folk tales and legends. From the three little pigs to Norse mythology and even to the One Thousand and One Nights. You get to revisit all of these tales which are presented in a dark-fantasy style.

The game features eight playable heroes with the upcoming update to introduce one new hero. The full release of the game is scheduled some this year and it's going to be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch.

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